Xbox turns off or pauses on its own/Gears 5 Kicks me

As the title says, my Xbox series X. I often play Gears 5 and the game will just pause and then I get kicked and then my Xbox series X will either restart, or shut off on its own. I got the Xbox in late May 2021. Someone please help.

Here is a video of it happening while I live streamed…

Is your Xbox well ventilated?

My Xbox one x was the worst Xbox console I ever had, and it’d turn off when playing certain taxing games that made it heat up fast. I could never play a raid in destiny after a bit cause it’d just shut off. Literally.

Anyway, you have to consider the series x is not immune to overheating and certain games can be too stressful on the console, causing it to just shutdown. Even without any notice or warning when turning it back on (that’s what happens on my one x… no “overheating” warning when I’d turn it back on).

Anyway, even if it’s ventilation is good, it’s possible the console itself wasn’t built the best it could’ve been (sometimes cpu cooling paste dries up fast or it wasn’t applied correctly, causing overheating issues) and you might need to get a new console or send yours out for repairs.

Hope this helps!

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Gears was the only game turning my series x off. I returned it directly with Microsoft and got a replacement exactly a week later.

The new one has had no issues.


It was trying to tell you something.

This happened to me. I got a Series X in July and this happened regularly regardless of the game. It would green screen, make a brief buzzing noise and completely shut down. It was well ventilated and I even turned off “Auto HDR” as it was rumoured to cause it.

I reckon you’re just the same as me, getting one of the bad batch. I’ve a few friends and family who have had absolutely no issues.

I sent it away to Microsoft and got a new one back just two days ago. I’ve updated both the console itself and Gears 5 so will play it tomorrow and hopefully everything will be fine. I’d recommend not wasting anymore time and just do this while your warranty is valid!

its happen 2 times today it not HDR problem i when i play gears i dont even use HDR i think its because ive had it on alll dam day lol play gears lol

Ha, I see. It’s damn ridiculous it happens at all for any of these consoles given the specs and the price. My Xbox One S didn’t shut itself off once.

This just happens on the Series X lmao, like it’s just a thing that you deal with in my experience. I had the same problem, it would happen basically once a day or every other day. My friend has the problem even worse, literally has happened multiple times in a single day before. My Xbox One was a day one console that had been dropped, had the top broken out of it, caked with dust inside and I’d leave it on for like like 90 hours at a time and yet this never happened to me once on it.

Never had it happen to me on XX and i have my console on 24/7

I’ve had my Series X crash completely (like full shutdown) a few times on this game but it runs fine 99% of the time.

It’s not a thing to just deal with, it’s a faulty console. I don’t understand how people just accept it and let Microsoft get away with it.

Hey sorry for the late reply, I had to change my email notification settings so that it emails me when someone replies to my comments… to answer It is well ventilated, thing is also, I tried to apply on the form for sending mine out and the page automatically refreshes. It’s almost as if Xbox doesn’t want me to have a working Xbox,… sigh

Have only had it happen once.