Xbox Stereo Headset with Dolby Atmos. Anyone using?

Hi there!
I am looking for cheap xbox one headset for G5 only and I just realized g5 have Atmos logo on a startup screen. So can anyone tell me is this codec fix anything with g5 sound mess? Especially looking for xbox stereo headset users opinions.

I have a Dolby Atmos surround sound system (not headset) and have yet to encounter any sound issues in the game. Don’t know if that helps.

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I use a logitech g633 headset on PC along with Dolby Atmos for headphones.

The trick to this is to making sure the default USB driver is in use instead of the logitech driver. (logitech updates will switch it so have to revert after updates…)

Dolby Atmos improved audio IMMENSELY. I was having issues where I couldn’t hear anything outside of about a 180 degree of what was directly on screen. So anything behind me was almost silent.

However, footsteps still annoy the ■■■■ out of me because while I can tell what direction they are there is no distance of volume. So I don’t know if they are just around the wall or halfway across the map. I also cannot tell if they are above or below me unless they are literally right underneath me or right over the top of me.

That’s my biggest audio gripe.

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No sound problems with Atmos sound in Gears 5.
I have Xbox Stereo headphones with Atmos for headphones enabled and it sounds ok, no problems. Sound is clear with some space virtualization, no cut outs. If you are looking for cheap headphones, buy Xbox Stereo headphones, they have good balanced sound, mic, and they are comfortable for the money they cost.
I have also Samsung HW N950 soundbar (it has real physical speakers for 7.1.4 Atmos setup) and it sounds superb. Overhead sound guaranteed (thunder in Asylum map for example). Better than in Gears 4.

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Thanks everyone. Got a steelseries 9x today (yeah, the cheapest one :sweat_smile: ) Wireless connection to xbox is a game changer. Testing with windows sonic now, Later will test with atmos.