Xbox servers down in Europe?

Anyone else stuck offline in UK at the moment? Xbox is fully connected to the internet, but can not get online of Gears… been on and off like this for a few days now!

must be ur connection mate mines fine

Mine’s working, but the lag is really bad today even when I’m connected to a host who lives in the same country as me. I’ve tried resetting the router but no luck. It’s the same for Versus and Horde.

The connection was a bit touch and go yesterday, but today’s been much worse.

Mine’s been alright, I’ve had a few server time outs though.

Friday: I am pinging between 20 and 50
Saturday: I am pinging between 80 and 100.
Sunday early: I am pinging between 150 and 400.
Sunday late: I am pinging between 200 and 500.

All my speedtests read normal 300 up 200 down and 25 ping. The lag has been horrible this weekend. Friday was the last time I got a full 50 waves of Horde, a few Horde Boss Rush matches and friendly VS games but everything after that was damn unplayable.

As for the OPs question. There have not been reports of live sevices going down in the EU and of course I am going by the xbox live status page but there have been times I have lost xbox live and the country next to me still has it.