Xbox series X Turn off Fix? Any Help

Ever since I got Xbox Series X everytime I play a couple of games on gears online the console randomly turns off. It’s defiantly a gears 5 issues as I play a lot of games and it never turns off only on gears.

Anyone know a fix?

Much appreciated if you do

Gday, I would send it back for a replacement console. This has fixed the issue for almost all users.

This has come up a lot, and despite some people claiming it only happens with Gears, I have found a quick google search indicates that people’s series X shutting off happens in tons of games, and each time the user says its only in “X specific game” - link below

None of those games were Gears related


@OldMonkeyNut Where are you?! This is ridiculous! What could you possibly be doing that’s more important than once again answering this issue?!

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Thanks for the search but search google related gears console issues you’ll see a lot of people have the same issue
and also Iv tried alot of games online and it only happens on gears Iv had the series x since released and it hasn’t happened once on anything else even battlefield 2042 that runs 300 people in one game and it hasn’t turned off.

Defiantly a gears issue since they made it into 4K 120 fps there’s glitch that’s causing the game to crash.

I dunno why gears hasn’t fixed it with an update yet.
Typical Coalition.

There must be a way to clear cache for gears or change the settings in the game to stop this from happening…

It’s not. Don’t be a tool and send that console back already, it’s not an issue The Coalition has anything to do with.

Alternatively bask in the glory of your own ignorance and enjoy the faulty console.


Not getting any sleep and actually having a real life!!! People should try it. It’s not too bad.

I said to the Mrs we should call our daughter Kait or Anya and said she will shove my Xbox controller somewhere unmentionable. I was joking, although Sofia did get quite high up the list which was coincidental.


Ooooh, congratulations! Aye I can fully relate :joy:. I’d love to say it’s fine, it all comes back. But it doesn’t, it’s hell. Worth it in the long run but challenging beforehand!

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I take it personally you didn’t suggest Myrrah.

It happens to loads of people not just me and it is coalition because they make the game dummy. you think your Batman your the definition of a “tool”

Playing g5 on series x daily since series launch and this was never happened to me. Until yesterday. Panic.

Yeah your lucky, some friends have the same issue but they’re not sending it back cause they hardly play gears. And some have Series X and it’s fine but there’s a lot of people that crash randomly and turns off. that streamer sas shadow what ever his name is Iv seen it happen to him.
it’s something to do with the 4K fps it runs on maximum power when the console doesn’t need to use that much power on an old mechanics game then it turns it self off it’s a strange glitch something telling the Xbox to turn off never used to happen before they brought out 120 fps on gears.

You’re* x2.

It’s alright robin (oldmonkeynut) your boyfriend will save you soon… go back to your Lego Batman I’m sure it never turns off on your favourite game

Well, no it wouldn’t turn off because I possess more than one brain cell and sent my console back to Microsoft.

I love how you give him solid advice on how to fix his problem and he resorts to insults :woozy_face:


Exactly people can’t ask a question without people insulting “tool” “ ignorance” Batman not showing a good example for his mum he probably thinks he’s living in Gotham in his mums basement bless him

I have zero clue what you’re trying to tell me.

Scroll up fella I’m just replying to him insulting me over a glitch

I’m aware of that, however he stated that he knows how to fix the problem and you’re telling him that it’s not that. Why would you make a forum post asking for advice and not take advice from someone trying to help you?

Because it’s not a fault with the Xbox why would I send back an unfaulty Xbox.

It’s to do with the game I’m just seeing if there’s another way around it as coalition are lazy and haven’t bothered fixing it.

Seeing if there’s another solution to the problem instead of just “send it back” I think it’s pointless doing that just for one game

How do you know it’s not the xbox?