XBOX Series X/S vs XBOX ONE X/S(Will this split gear 5 player base?)

When the xbox series x/s comes out in november will people who have one be able to play gears 5 with those who may only still have a xbox one x/s or will the 2 player bases be isolated to whichever console they currently have?

Probably same.

Its cross gen so it’ll be fine


Yes they will. They may have some minor advantages due to their hardware apparently, but we can all still play. XBSX owners will enjoy better load times which is especially good for Escape, but those increased speeds won’t apply if one or more of the squad are still on an XB1 because the game has to wait for the slowest player.

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Cross gen so all good

Shino, you’re back at full force eh?

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O i have just begun to type stuff,the best is yet to come.

But one question i have ask has given me no awnsers and it not that hard for gears5 players who really know the inner details of the game,but i’m confused by what these option do,yet knowone has any real helpfull imput.

But these are the 4 options that stump me,
Under gameplay tuning the 4 options are
Beta test tuning???
Assist disabled???
Assist enabled???
I mean what in game play do they affect?I heard it might have a effect on some weapons but i’m not sure.

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