Xbox Series X Fail

I just got my Series X all hooked up and tried streaming to the Console Companion App on Windows 10.

After having a lot of trouble, I Googled the issue and was PISSED to find out that Microsoft has removed that feature! I only have one TV in my living room and always streamed my Xbox games to my laptop while my wife and I watched Netflix together. Now, I can do that!

How the flipping ■■■■ can the previous generation have a feature as simple as this and they cut it in the “upgraded” console? This ■■■■■■■ sucks…


It seems like an odd thing to not support.

Strange decision by MS.


I literally can’t use the Series X during most of the daytime now when I’m hanging out with my wife unless I monopolize the TV.

I’m so pissed I spent $500 on this and they took away the main feature I needed that the previous generation had.

And this feature removal was NEVER announced. People are only finding out about it now that the console is out.



Xcloud still works, dont think you need ultimate to stream from your console.

Microsoft is phasing out the console companion but they are looking at ways to allow xcloud from PC.

Right, but until then, my only solution to play my XSX in the same room as my wife is to stream to my tiny ■■■ iPhone screen. No thank you, Microsoft.


Xcloud is andriod only, they are planning for 2021 for ios support

You can stream games to iOS now. I don’t mean xCloud, I mean stream from console to iDevices

I literally only play Gears. I can’t justify buying a new Xbox solely for Gears when 5 is still missing the mark.

If they remastered Gears 3 I’d buy a series X just becasue of that game right now.

Sorry they don’t have that option available, but I dont see why that can’t be added in an update in the future.

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Disc drive issues… streaming issues… all that $$$ for what?
■■■■ sucks…
Yeah, I think I’ll just wait to buy a new xbox…

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Thanks for the info.

I’m not interested in buying a Series X at least for 2 years, but I want that feature (even if I don’t use it as much as before).

I have 1 TV and sometimes my husband plays Nintendo Switch on TV and I had the chance to stream (or idle boosting too).

I played almost 1 year streaming to my laptop because I didn’t have a TV when I moved on, so I have many memories using this feature (As a tip, don’t try Ironman campaign in Gears 4 if you are streaming).

I know xcloud is the future of streaming to other devices, but this makes no sense


Same here. I’ll wait until mid-gen refreshes and maybe an even more powerful model by then.
Hopefully they’ll have fixed most of the issues and currently there are plenty of issues, apparently.

For me, for example, putting the Xbox One’s 7 year old IO Hub in the systems literally made me laugh out loud when I saw that in the teardowns, it feels so cheap to do that. So transferring large games around at 5 Gbit/s is going to take a while. For the Series S that would have probably been fine, it’s a compromised choice, but not for a premium machine, like the X.
Then there’s the storage only being able to be upgraded with proprietary expansion cards instead of universally standardized storage cards, which would have been a lot better. The internal M.2 slot is limited to 30mm cards too, so that’s no good at all if you want to go larger than 1TB at the moment.
It’s kind of a mess for people like me, who have a very large collection on the Xbox platform.
They’re not bad machines, but clearly the PlayStation team made better design choices with the PS5 in certain areas than Xbox.

My wife would NOT consider that “spending time together” lol.

A typical day in our house is a Netflix show on the big TV, with me streaming Xbox to my laptop and her with a Switch in her hand. We still hold conversations with each other and laugh about the show we are watching. We are pretty good multitaskers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Unbelievable. Smh

Here’s the link to a Xbox on video that they mention streaming on to another device @Lambent_Lail

The part you are referring to occurs at 6:50 in the video.

This video is straight up lying by calling this an Xbox Series X|S feature, because it isn’t.

In the video, it shows the Companion App and they click stream on a console labeled X1X, or Xbox One X. That is true that you can stream to that console.

The Companion App will even SHOW you your Series X|S in this list, just like in the video as well. But you cannot stream to it. Again, the video is lying.

Well let’s hope that it’s just a bug that needs to be fixed.

I play PC so I didn’t know that Xbox even had a feature like that until I saw it in that video.

On Microsoft’s support page for this feature, it specifically states that this is an Xbox One generation feature only. Super annoying.

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Bruh you should’ve bought another TV then… :man_facepalming:

Edit: Also a waste of time posting this on this forum, probably try Xbox forums or something idk.

Didn’t realize Microsoft was going to stupidily remove a feature like this, so instead of buying two 50" TVs, I bought one 75" instead. Plus, I don’t have the room for a second TV in my new house anyway, hence the beauty of laptop streaming.

It’s in the General Discussion section for a reason. I’m not posting this here to get Microsoft to change anything. I 'm posting just to vent on a forum I frequent.