Xbox Series X crash when playing Horde

I don’t know why Gears 5 is still crashing after 20 or 30 minutes.
I bought new XSX a week ago and I didn’t had these issues when I was playing with old Xbox One X.
Anyone has same issue or there is next patch or fix for this problem?

It is weird that it is only happening to who has new console XSX? Just happened again yesterday and Monday, Tuesday…
Your issue is a bit different than mine. My crashing like green screen flashing 1 sec and turn off instantly the console…
Hope TC will fix that. :crossed_fingers:

I got the green screen crashing a few times randomly during escape and only with gears 5…haven’t had this happen with any other game yet (knock on wood)

From my research the green screen flashing then the console turning off means it’s overheating

I made sure the Xbox has at least 5 -6 nches of space on each side from a wall or other device next to it (especially from the rear of the console… and bought a vertical stand for it to lift it off the desk about an half an inch

Only this happened to me on every horde since drop 2.

The first 5 waves are a nightmare, after that the game runs smoothly (PC) and it doesn’t matter if I’m host or not

Uninstalled whatever games you have installed, then Reset your series X.

You might get a Microsoft store Update notification , click yes.

After that download gears 5 .(Series X version)

Hopefully that works.

I did more test.
Xbox One X is ok
Xbox Series X is not ok and it is terrible. You have to be host for avoid crash.
That is all

I’ve had a few crashes on Horde on Series X but none recently, it tends to happen on a new map (my crashes on Horde have been on the new maps in the first few days).

And I have played a lot of Horde in the last 6 months.

I’ve never had the issue regularly though, I hope you are able to fix it.

I tried this and also uninstall all Gears 5 data, and pick them again from Store.
Nope, crashing is still present…


Today I did other tests.
Horde 1-50 but not daily map, It went all good and nice, No crash.

When I try to play daily map, it happens… CRASH OFTEN WITH DAILY MAPS!

Thanks for your attention.