Xbox series X 4K 120fps with HDR?

Is confirmed that gow5 with run 4K 120fps with Xbox box series X in multiplayer.But will that include HDR as well? And or will the 4K 120fps leads to any loss in picture Quality at all?

Gears 5 currently has HDR so I would assume that the series x version will have HDR.

4K 120Hz HDR.

Of course you need a compatible TV with HDMI 2.1.

No picture quality loss.


Wow thx for the reply … did u already have the Xbox series x on hand to test it out with 4k 120fps HDR with all graphics enhancements maxed out? I am asking because I am a “picture quality” guy so if I have to give up any picture quality to run the game @120fps, then I will not invest in a 2.1 HDMI TV which will be a huge investment for me lol…

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Try TCL brand TV’s.

The 6 series is nice and its a bargain. I have one and love it.


Although I’ll have one tomorrow,

There’s plenty of videos online showcasing this.

It’s been tested 4K 120Hz HDR with all the enhancements. Runs good.

You don’t lose any picture quality.

120Hz is just for MP in this game.

It’s a previous gen game which is highly optimised for the console.

It barely dips below 120FPS.

You’re safe to invest in a TV if you want.

Best time is Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

Thx so much for the reply, pls let us now if u tested this in real live will be highly appreciated! ( too many rumors out there and do not know what to trust)any thx

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I have tested it.

Looks good,

I’m used to higher quality on PC with higher framerate so can confirm not works well.

Played one match or FFA, 30 kills, 3 deaths, MVP :sweat_smile:

Oh can u do 4k 120fps HDR with max picture quality ? Or If the picture Quality decreased in this settings? thx



No picture quality loss.

The Q80R (with one connect box) after the lastest firmware update worked 4K 120 freesync HDR! It is advertised as HDMI 2.0 and it now got hdmi 2.1 spec! Great job Samsung! :muscle:

I just got the q80t, and get the same results as you. 4k120-VRR-HDR with port4. Though the Series X seems to output 120Hz no matter what. Campaign is locked at 4k60Hz, but the q80t shows it is receiving a 120Hz signal. Something TC needs to look into, as it seems like the Series is working overtime to push out duplicated 60Hz frames to keep the 120Hz output. No reason this should happen if VRR is active.

Cool… but is just that I do not expect the Q80r which is a hdmi 2.0 model and now gets all 2.1 features after a firmware update! ( still no earc …)

I don’t think it supports 4K @ 120Hz due to HDMI 2.1,

At least, going off rtings.

It is indicated in the TV input spec… what other question do u have?

My Q80R is on the latest firmware but I still can’t get the xbox to recognize 4k 120hz even when it’s plugged into HDMI Port 4. Did you have to do anything else special?

Could be a bug,

If it’s HDMI 2.0 only,

It can’t do that anyway.

Do u have the Q80R with the one connect box?

Q80 is not very good and is missing the dolby vision update just released. Cx is about the same price with all the options and a better picture

U will get burn in with an oled . Do not tell me that burn in do not exist… I got a Sony A1E and is burnt in playing GOW