Xbox series s running 4K at120 FPS

Just so everyone knows it is capable.

But how does it look like? I read a couple reviews (nobody spoke about Gears 5) that say it’s not real 4K in Series S but rather some kind of “washing” to extrapolate image… or something technical like that, and that even on a One X it looks better than Series S.

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you ain’t getting 4K@120Hz on anything besides Minecraft or Tetris even with a Series X

might want to read up on what the Series S is actually doing with each game you play. for example Gears 5 runs at 1440P(dynamic) at 120Hz.

the Series S is a 1440P console. the only way to get 4K out of that thing is Netflix


As @Goodacre mentioned, only games that can support those settings will. And that list is going to be incredibly short on Series S. I think the upgraded 360 games can, though.

Once your software boots up, it’ll reconfigure your settings to match what the software’s capable of.

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That’s exactly right what you get in 4K is video not gaming.

Well as long as it runs and doesn’t randomly green screen and hard reset like my Series X.

That’s not good. Mine hasn’t done that once.

Should think about getting it fixed under Microsoft’s warranty before it’s too late.

Lucky you! I’ve only had it 4 months so I’m hoping it’s just a “First generation” error. Yes, I’ve sent it away back to them via UPS so it should be here before 2023 hopefully.

Suppose that’s a more productive option than my original one anyway, which was using a medieval catapult to launch it in the direction of Microsoft’s Repairs Centre and hope for the best.


That truly made me lol :joy::joy::joy:

Thx for that!!


It looks great, but apparently my tv and system both lie to me according to someone.

Mine functions very well and looks incredible.

Just playing at 120hz and on 4K? It is very smooth and very crisp.

Yeah sometimes you just get bad luck and faulty hardware. Hope they fix it for you quickly, or replace it outright.

I’ve had three Elite controllers and while each one broke, at least they were quick to send it back after it broke? :man_shrugging:

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Haha I just bought a Turtle Beach Recon controller after exhausting all my warranty/replacement options with the Elite Series 2. Beautiful controller but just unfortunate it only lasts 2-3 months before the RB (double input on a single tap) or A button (failing to register occasionally) acts up.

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Oh my God I had the exact same issues with mine. It’s like it was tailor made to break for the two most important buttons in Gears.

Like you said, shame because it feels so good to hold. But I gave up and just use the basic Series X controller now instead.

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My thoughts exactly :weary:.

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Yep I gave up with all these elite controllers cos they break just as easy if not easier than your regular controllers, which is a damn shame.

I just use the basic ones now and do a bit of customising there, get some stick on grips and Im good to go.

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Send that back to Microsoft asap. Complete the online return process and you’ll get a replacement in a week or 2. I sent mine on a Monday and had it back the following Monday.

I had mine a week and it kept turning itself off and the replacement has had no issues.

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I know, cheers. I sent it away yesterday so hopefully it’ll be a similar wait and I’ll get it next week sometime.

Surely this next one will be fault-free.

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My series x green screened a few times but only with gears 5

And it has more than six inches on each side and is lifted half an inch off the table for better ventilation

Never had any issue with other games causing this

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