Xbox series s ,game is choppy random times why?

guys im having an issue with gears 5 and on the series s console and mind you its only gears 5 that gives me this issue,
anyway the problem is if i turn on freesync or vrr (variable refresh rate ) which is the same as freesync the game will behave weird like itll run fine then out of no where itll start to stutter badly untill i die or something then its fixed,for a little while then it stutters again and repeat…
if i disable freesync its fixed forever,also no other games gives me issue with freesync so it has to be the game that has a bug or something?

has anyone notice this?
its been there for months still no fix

Disabling vrr is the only solution for now

yeah i guess =/ its been there for months doubt theyll fix it and its only present on the series s and x i believe,the one x is fine

Actually vrr increases input lag, so I dont think it needed at all in fast frame paced games

oh nice good to know i didnt know this