Xbox profiles showing offline in game with latest title update

Played this a bit when it first came out with my son (co op cross play with him on xbox and me on PC on our LAN). Worked fine with a few glitches here and there.

Just fired it up after a few months and the title updated to the latest patch. Now, the xbox profiles all show as “offline” in the main game menu. But, if I close the game and start up another game, I can play online just fine. The Xbox dashboard also shows the profile online. I tried another profile on the xbox and the same issue. offline in Gears5.

Now, on my Windows 10 PC, no problems.

Keep in mind that I have Xbox Live Gold and I am able to play online with other games just fine. I tried hard reboots, testing network connectivity, etc. Any other ideas?

Periodically on x box lately everything will be normal than everyone on my friends list will be offline and just say 0. Slowly one by one it will just start going up over time. I don’t think it’s just Gears. This is in game and also on dashboard. Both goes down at different times, and it actually very common for me over the last couple of weeks.

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The thing with me is there are never any issues at Dashboard or with other games. Just Gears on the Xbox.

I have been experiencing this issue for the last couple of weeks its nothing to do with Gears.

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Either one or the other is working for me most of the time. Been like that for weeks. I’ll see people on dashboards playing Gears but not in game social and vice versa

You are saying that Gears5 shows offline for you but other games work just fine with MP? What leads you to think it is not Gears if other games work?

I have been experiencing this issue because I play a lot of Apex and it’ll say all my friends are offline then after a min or so I start to see people appearing online. Nothing to do with Gears.

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