Xbox players, Why the hatred for PC players in Gears?

I want to point something out that is well-known in Gears 5. Every time there is a full 5 PC team against a full 5 Xbox team, shots are fired discriminately.

When we were playing a match of a full 5 PC stack against a full 5 Xbox stack, all the Xbox players ended up quitting gridiron except for 1 guy, kudos to that player for sticking around for the last dance.

So here is the thing, this negativity between PC and Xbox is toxic, I see a lot of Xbox players talking about how the series x will make PC obsolete.

Not that this thread is about the difference between Xbox and PC, what you Xbox players don’t quite get is this, your beloved franchise had to hit up the PC market in order to make your console.

It is because of PC players like us who took that leap over to PC, and made huge investments in our pre builds, or building one ourselves, computer technology would not be where it is at today without the people who spent a lot of time and money in the PC platform.

So when I say this thing between PC and Xbox is toxic, it really is, and the negativity needs to stop, we’re all on the same side here, and we’re all playing under the same franchise, Microsoft.


Sooo, what’s your point here again?


Are you a politician? You gave a nice speech without actually making a point.


The argument and toxic come from the perceved notion that PC player s have advanatage over a console player. its not because they have a PC or equipment related. ist game play in ranked.

I am not an authority, but from what i have seen the game gives more advanatge to PC then Console. I think ist a well know and witnessed fact. a mouse can move around faster and easier then a controller.


I wish corny threads like this weren’t a thing, tbh.


If PC has such an advantage in Gears, then why do all the top Gears players play on console and why isn’t the PC represented at all in eSports for Gears? Could it be that you can either play Gears well or you can’t, regardless of platform? It’s not like an FPS. Gears is a 3PS, and a lot of it has to do with blindfire, movement, and cover unlike other shooters. Are you so sure that the much talked about PC advantage still applies to Gears, cause I’m not so sure? I’ve gotten beaten by PC players, and console players, and I’ve also beaten PC players and console players in equal amounts. I haven’t noticed any huge difference between the two in ability, except maybe console players can wallbounce.


Yeah it’s wrong and not ok. I am a xbox player but I have no problem with PC people. It’s not good for anybody and is just bad overall. Shame on people who are PC haters. It’s toxic and people who think like this need to switch how they feel. It’s not okay. We are all a team and that’s how it should be. I don’t care what you play on, keep it cool.


To bring this in to the light that some xbox players hate PC people for whatever reason. It’s not a good thing. It shouldn’t matter what you play on. We all play the game and it shouldn’t matter.

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A mouse can aim a lot easier then controller, that’s true. Doesn’t mean you should be mean to PC people though.

I was going to say something about “excuses” and needing something to blame but I’ve got to admit, PC 5 stacks are aids. That’s because most of them just lancer cross everyone out. I’m ok with a lancer aiming better with a mouse because I feel controller aim assist gives controller players an advantage with the gnasher. However, when 5 people take advantage of the lancer/mouse aim, it’s just gross.

I think most of the pc hate is irrational though, and comes from people who don’t realize many pc players use a controller, and that controller players have their own advantages in Gears. It’s designed for controller and is the only shooter I know of that plays so well on a controller.


I came into this thread assuming it was going to be a healthy and solid discussion about the challenges and advantages of playing on each, Hell, even your opening two sentences made me feel that’s where this thread was going… Then I kept reading…

The further I got into your opening post, the more I just felt like YOU are the problem here and not the community. You come across with a chip on your shoulder. You come across as that stereotypical ‘PC MASTER RACE’ person.

First off, maybe I am not hanging out on the PC circle jerk forums enough, but I have never once seen the claim that Series X will make the PC obsolete. Beyond that being one of the stupidest claims I have heard, it’s a freaking apples and oranges comparison. It’s like saying my new blender is about to make the lawn mower obsolete.

Honestly though, reading your fourth and fifth paragraphs I just couldn’t shake the feeling that you somehow feel better or more important than console players, thus, you are stoking the fires you have seemingly come here to put out.

Now onto the point that I thought I would be making in this thread. In my experience all the hate that gets pointed towards PC players has nothing to do with their preferred devices or any narrative such as abandoning consoles. Instead it has everything to do with the perceived advantage of playing against someone with a mouse and keyboard.

Ah, now therein lies the challenge.

  • You can now use Mouse and Keyboard on console.
  • Many players who have played Gears since the original find the transition to Keyboard and Mouse difficult and still use controller while player on PC.
  • Because of this, there is no way to truly know what input method any given player is using. However, you can usually make safe assumptions.

The fact of the matter is, in a game where the speed in which your character can turn horizontally can be the difference between life and death, Keyboard and Mouse will always have an advantage. However, as stated above, input devices are no longer tied to hardware… so, anyone who has an issue with PC players using KB/M are welcome to give it a try themselves.

I wont get into the FOV side of things because I personally don’t have enough experience to state whether there is an advantage present.

Back onto the point of your final sentence… I agree, lets all just chill out and be happy that we can even play together.


Agreed, but the part about you saying what I was saying at the beginning of my thread about me feeling better about myself is absolutely wrong.

Whether you believe it or not, this is an actual thing in Gears 5 with a lot of Xbox players using the chat text calling PC trash.

It happens more than enough for me to come out on the threads like this and post something about it.

But you are 100% correct about the comparison between your blender and the lawn mower, I used to be a console player big time.

You wouldn’t believe how many times I ran across other friends of mine or players talking about how games should only be made for console and not PC.

Believe it or not these are the same people that have absolutely no idea how inferior console truly is compared to some of the best PC builds that cost around 4 to $6,000.

And yes, these are the same people on Xbox who think an Xbox is more powerful than a PC someone threw $2,500 into, I am not the problem sir, I am simply addressing it.


I don’t think anybody thinks an xbox is more powerful than a 2.5k PC

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Trust me when I tell you, you would be surprised, shocked even.

I mean, I guess

I didn’t read that much, but let me tell you something: Toxicity doesn’t have any bounds.

As a PC player, I can assure you that PC squad, even for 3 players, tend to be more toxic against solo players…some brought that reputation to us…

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I think both sides can be better. People just need to be more considerate honestly. Also you probably shouldn’t go around saying stuff like console is so inferior, Yeah pc’s are stronger but it’s not necessary to say that. I’m taking a neutral side and being considerate of both people.

Well they are really stupid then if they think that. Console’s are good though and getting better especially when the new ones hit the store.

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Not all PCs are stronger, some people forget people play this game on hardware weaker or at the base xbox one


PC players arent Gods, I myself get bodied, choke, and miss shots. We just wanna play the game lol but i always get the “PC f****t” comments in global chat…