Xbox One X & Gears 3

Has anyone else played through Gears 3 on the One X? OMG the game looks amazing… Did they do something to update it, or is it just because the horsepower in the One X? Or am I crazy and it really doesn’t look that good?

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Yes, it received One X enhancements last year to give 4k resolution and fix the scaling and jaggies through anti aliasing and such techniques available through the One X.

Really looks like another game. If you have the original Red Dead, you MUST check that out on the X. Hard to believe it’s a 360 game. It’s that beautiful.

I have to admit they did a phenomenal job. Gears 2 and 3 look spectacular. Makes you appreciate the Xbox One X.

Looks nice, too bad there’s no 60fps option.

(Imagine Gears 5 4k 60fps…)


Gears 4 can be played at 4K 60FPS - albeit not with full quality visuals but still better than standard.

TC have said they are targeting Gears 5 4K FPS in all modes :+1:

Not on horde!

Gears 4 - yes.

Gears 5 - as stated before, they have said 60FPS for ALL modes - Story, MP & Horde.

cant wait for it.have to get an x. is gears ue already x enhanced?

Thought it was implied…

Anyway, maybe they limit the amount of sentries one can build on horde. That alone will help the framerate (and possibly the gameplay).