Xbox one X Game Dvr clip recording bug

Okay so I’ve recorded 24 clips today, and only 6 of them failed at 0-6 sec… The SSD definitely helps A LOT, but I’m starting to believe that even the Xbox One X has trouble pushing out Gears at 4K/60fps to an external device period… BUT the seagate SSD make a huge difference for sure.

So far today I’ve got about 10 clips, and only 2 failed or were at 0 sec. It seems to happen when you try to capture too close together, within a minute of each other like they were saying above… More tests to come!

just had this happen to me on the One X. Strangely enough I also had it happen on the original Gears of War through backwards compatibility, but that clip was 8 seconds long

I think I may have found a permanent fix for this issue. It appears to happen with intense, resource heavy games like Gears 5 and others as well. Particularly games with a lot going on visually and from a networking standpoint as well.

If you turn off auto uploads in the capture setting it should record your clip fine. I think the reason this happens is because between the intense action, net code, and uploading all at once, it basically craps out. If you remove the upload portion, it releives some pressure on the system.

I’ve been testing this on my One X both in PVP and PVE and so far it has been consistent.

Not sure if this issue is resolved with the SSD and improved specs of the Series S/X. Maybe someone who has these consoles can comment.