Xbox one X Game Dvr clip recording bug

Since the launch of gears 5 ive had a strange bug where my 4k recordings on my one x which are set to 30 seconds. Record themselves as 2 second clips. As a gamer who plays for clips and montages this is very disheartening and kills my drive for versus. Has anyone else been running into this issue? Ive only just now made a post because i figured expecting tc to deploy a small fix would be a pipe dream.


This happened to me in Gears 4 too. One thing you have to avoid is recording 2 clips close to each other as the first will get ruined. Sometimes, it won’t tell you that you successfully captured a clip so you may try it again, ruining the first clip in the process.

Other than that, there’s not much you can do as it’s not a reliable capture method.


Delete all of your clips from your DVR then full power cycle your XB1. Reboot your router too. Should fix it.

I only hit record once but sometimes when i do the audio in the game clips and the ui and game in the background kind of freeze. This only happens on gears 5 i have no issues with my dvr on other games. Even UE and gears 4 record fine. I tried your method and im still experiencing this issue.

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I get this issue too. Only seen it on gears, but my clips of gears bullhockey frequently seem to be conveniently short, only recording the first few seconds of the clip.
I’m gonna clear out the dvr, but its funny how its always gears clips, not the other games.

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It does that whenever it feels like with me going back to Gears4. Welcome to the forums btw.

This indeed mate.

One thing I have never been able to do is get it to record when I have added VO and believe me some of my voice overs are Gold :wink:

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I know the voiceover bit of upload studio has always been bugged and wont upload the clips to xbox live. At this point Ms are never gonna fix it.
But in gears it does record in lobby chat, not sure you really want lobby chat on your vids though.

my clips only record a few seconds, its nothing to do with gears

UPdate : Cleared my dvr an still the same ms support doesn’t seem to have a fix for it either.
Mighty convenient I reckons.

OMG I’m so glad I finally looked on here and found that others are having this exact same issue… I feel the exact same way man… I’ve lost countless incredible clips and kill streaks because of this and I can honestly say I’ve never had an issue this bad or annoying since the launch of the console in 2013.

When Gears 5 first launched, I had ZERO issues for the first month or so, capturing dozens upon dozens of clips throughout… Then this started happening I’d say a month or so after launch and hasn’t gotten any better since… I haven’t had any issues like this on this scale for any other game. To be fair, it seems like it wants to work off of a fresh boot up, for a match or two, then continues to fail capturing almost anything after it starts acting up.

Fixes I’ve tried:

Two different Xbox One X consoles
Two different seagate HDDs
Reformat external HDDs
Full shutdown/reboot
Changing xbox power mode from instant on to energy saving
Changing capture settings back and forth from 15 sec & 30 sec

I’m honestly lost at this point and I just get so mentally drained after I realize that my once in a lifetime shots are gone forever.

Happens to me here and there also. I don’t bother to find a fix other than a hard reset. Seems to just clear up on it’s owns. Hit and miss. I know how you feel about those epic clips being lost. Never get a chance to actually know it was epic or just you thought it was epic. Lost in the moment lol. Welcome to the forums btw.

Happens randomly and fairly consistently. I have recorded several clips during the past 3 days. I would say 50% of the capture were for the full 60 second recording, the other 50% anywhere from 2-6 seconds.

It sucks

Performing a full power cycle aka unplugging the power cord usually fixes it. But yes it’s very inconsistent

I usually try to keep my DVR clean, like no more than a week’s worth of clips at a time and I would say 90% of the time it’s fine.

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I find this usually happens to me (on other games as well) when I hit the Xbox button and record too fast, like I hit X as soon as I see the menu pop up, and I think that messes it up. Try letting the Xbox menu fully come out, and then hit the x button. If you already do this I have no idea then. I feel this might be an Xbox issue though, not a gears issue

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It has to be a combination of both I feel, but really haven’t had any issues like this with any other game… Like I’ve already made like 10 MK 11 reels with probably a couple hundred clips by now and it hasn’t once messed up…

Do not check the clip as soon as possible, and in my case what works for me , was tone down to 720 and do NOT try to view or check any clip in a certain time,not even going to the recents previews with the xone button, can’t tell exactly the amount of time needed, but works for me most of the time when checked 1 hour after the momment. Let the thing do his coding stuff or something.

I have disabled the automatic X live share .

Idk give it a try. Hope works for you.

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This happens all the time for me, but only EVER in Gears 5. I have never once had an DVR issues in any other game, however out of nowhere suddenly, every clip I record in Gears 5 will be 6-7 seconds long with no audio. As other have stated a full console restart will fix it, but unfortunately I have no idea what is triggering it so I will often find a whole night worth of clips ruined.

I have a friend with basically an identical experience as me, both of us have never experienced this with our thousands of clips recorded in Gears: UE or Gears 4.

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I feel you man… It sucks really bad… No bigger bummer that to realize your once in a lifetime clips are gone forever… Not fun… I’m tryin the seagate SSD external tonight to see if this may be a fix compared to the slower usb 3.0 hdd…

Guys I might be on to something… So far with the external seagate ssd, i’ve recorded about 20 clips with no issues. I had about 3 or 4 say 0 sec again, but I think I might have tried to record too soon during those. I’ll keep you posted! So far all good clips did the whole 27-29 sec!