Xbox one vs xbox one x multiplayer

Does enyone see any deferences on multiplayer between the 2 consoles? Is it true that xbox one x owners have advantages against xbox one owners on gnusher fights?

There’s very little difference in VS. Where you really see an improvement is campaign and horde. VS goes from 720 to 1080, and if your TV is capable you’ll see the brights and darks of HDR. Response may feel a little tighter but the delays in this game are currently so bad I don’t feel any benefit.
None of that is enough to say there’s a real competitive advantage.


It’s worse for me as I bought a 42in tv to go with it, I’m up 4ms input lag from my old monitor, still need to boot up campaign to see how pretty it is :slight_smile:

For me it looks incredible on the X and is a super smooth 60FPS.

Advantages? I wouldn’t say so except for looking nicer.

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With the X, if TC would bother implementing the new Freesync2 or 120Hz features now present in the Xbox One menus, then multiplayer on the X would be superb. But for now, without PROPER use of Freesync or higher framerate, the X basically has no differences from the OG Xbox other than HDR and 4k. Would be fantastic to use 120Hz displays with the X if TC would unlock the framerate for multiplayer to allow the game to run at anything above 60. Even by enabling the Freesync feature, Gears4 still uses a crummy Vsync implementation which creates input lag. Also, by enabling the 120Hz option in the menus, Gears4 still locks it to 60.


I have the X and there is indeed a difference in multiplayer. The game “runs” at 60fps normally, but you get a lot of dips and there are noticeable input delays and artifacts in the image. On the X, that all goes away. The game runs INSANELY better, with no delays or drops.


Myself and a family member who is a PC enthusiast have tested this on PC @4k, One S and One X. We agreed that the game looks best on One X with the most notable difference being screen space reflections is better on One X than on PC using ultra settings.

The floor is wetter in some areas with higher quality reflections during the campaign. In regards to resolution we found that the Xbox One X seems to render 4K natively and found it very hard to spot instances of the dynamic resolution kicking in during online.

We couldn’t tell the difference in resolution between One X and PC and the X didn’t appear softer to us on a 55 inch 4k HDR TV.

The performance setting has no bearing on multiplayer. Multiplayer is 4k 60 fps with a few dips here and there when extreme cases of blood splatter and explosions go off with a lot of players in close proximity.

Compared to the Xbox One S the One X is notably smoother online during those extreme cases as mentioned but I wouldn’t say gives an advantage over One S players.

Adaptive scaling works down not up. The resolution is set and comes down if it struggles.

We concluded that the game is best on One x even better than PC but offers no real advantage online over the One S other than looking more pretty.

This is my opinion so no one needs to be offended by it.:smile:

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to all those, who say there is no difference between the systems: youre plain wrong. the multiplayer runs smoother on the x with a constant framerate of 60 no matter what happens where you have not so constant 60 on the xbox one s. there it drops below 30 at times, gor example in hnasher battles with 4 or 5 people. i saw that many people dont even notice that the framerate drops and blame lag even if they do.

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When games used to max at 30 FPS back on the 360 there typically was a bit of motion blur to blend rapid movement. I have tried to catch some of that now that I have an X, because on rare occasions on KOTH I could notice a bit of that blur in moments that would stress the GPU on the original Xbox. I haven’t seen the same moments on the X except for Horde with a ton of sentries. I think the X gives a slight advantage in that regard but I didn’t notice it unless I was really looking for it.