XBox One Shutting Down from Gears 5

I have the original XBox One console and over the past 2 days, my console has shutdown at least 6 times while trying to play co-campaign and while trying to play Horde mode. It could be 5 minutes into a game or it could be an hour, time varies.

I also stream to Mixer directly from the XBox One, and tested playing Horde last night while not streaming to see if it would shutdown, and it did not. I was also able to play campaign solo for a few hours and it did not shutdown. Seems to only shutdown when playing online with others.


Mine shut down yesterday one time. Since then no more. I’ve been playing solo mode campaign not to much on glitches. But from time to time del or Jack wouldn’t move. Reload current check point. Then it’s fine.

Put the ENERGY OPTIONS on power saver and be sure your console have at least 10 centimeters away from walls-furnite that can be blocking the flow of air

On the last of the cases just put a fan close of your console im doing that on my xbox-x and that is working amazing

I actually did put a fan in front of the console to blow the air venting from it away, it still shutdown. It stopping down when I played solo or when I wasn’t streaming to Mixer.

I think it’s the power supply… I’m having the same issues. I already had this problem a year ago… I changed my power supply and nothing happen until gears 5… so I’ll try the same thing!