Xbox One Original vs Xbox One X

Hello everyone. Hope you all are enjoying the 2nd round of the Test Tech.

I mentioned in the feedback thread that I was upgrading to the X from the original 500GB. A few wanted to hear some feedback from me comparing to two. I figured I would start a new thread so it doesn’t get lost in the official thread.

Last weekend I was playing on the original XB one. I was completely hating the game. I liked nothing about it. I’m not a pro at Gears by any means, but I’ve been playing for a long time and I’m no slouch. I was getting my ■■■ handed to me. Player movement felt so slow and clunky and took awhile to register what I was doing.

During this past week, I watched some YouTube reviews on the game. This one reviewer borrowed their friends X to play. They own the original. The difference was night and day according to them. I was due for an upgrade anyway, but after hearing that, it made it easier to pull the trigger and order a new X.

I played a good amount today and I have to say the X handles the game a lot better, just as the YouTube reviewer claimed. Player movement felt much smoother and much better responsiveness. Don’t get me wrong, the game still has a clunky feel to it and slower than 4. That’s just the nature of the game now. My shots just felt like they were coming out of the gun faster(Gnasher specifically). I was wall bouncing at a high level as well compared to last week. Graphics much better. Played KOTH every match today and I was either MVP or 2nd just about every match with kills in the 60’s consistently.

My opinion on the game has changed dramatically by switching consoles. There’s still things about the game I don’t like, but I’m starting to adapt to these changes and I’m having fun.

If anyone is still playing on the original One, I highly recommend upgrading. I know it sounds crazy to spend all that money for 1 game, but if you’re a die hard gears fan like me, it’s worth it.

Thanks for reading


There is too many things you can upgrade to have better feels on that game, pc vs xbox one x vs xbox and tv versus monitor… At the end there are players who s got advantaged by using différent gears… I guess we have to deal with it !

Xbox One and Xbox One X both run at 60 FPS.

One X has slightly better visuals.

There’s no real difference in MP apart from visual.


Placebo effect maybe?

I honestly don’t think Xbox One or S would run at 60 FPS for Gears 5. It was the X that would. It was mainly referring to the X, when talking about 4K, 60 FPS all modes.

All versions run MP at 60FPS.

So it wouldn’t feel any better on the One X.

It would obviously look better with higher settings and 4K.

All versions being 60 FPS. This info, I couldn’t find anywhere. So I don’t know what to believe.

Even Gears 4 MP was 60 FPS when it launched on Xbox One and Xbox One S.

Xbox uses dynamic resolution so can drop from 1080p down to 720p if it needs too.

Xbox One X can drop from 2160p down to 1440p if it needs to.

But it is well known that MP was and is 60 FPS in 4 and 5.


Fair enough. I’m guessing it was the Campaign and Horde sections that were 30 FPS. While Versus MP was 60 FPS.

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Only One X can do 60 all modes but again, it will be dropping 4K at certain points across all the modes in order to hold the 60.

Here’s a good video explaining it all:

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I’m still playing on an original Xbox One. I honestly don’t think every mode will be running on 60fps. Since Bootcamp already runs at 30fps on the old Xbox.

Guess it’s the same as with 4: Versus on 60fps, Campaign/Bootcamp/Horde/Escape probably all on 30fps.

One X has everything running at 60fps.

I’ve already said all of this :sweat_smile:

Xbox One / S = Everything 30 but MP which is 60.

Xbox One X = Everything 60.

PC = Up To 240.

Horde and Escape will also use 30Hz Tick Rate Servers and MP will be on 60Hz Tick Rate.


That’s the spec. Actual frames can differ and with the X set to “performance” in options, where it runs at 1080P, I’ve no doubt it runs at a more stable 60 FPS than the One.

Edit: this applies to Gears 4. I think it runs at 4K 60 FPS in 5? Either way, it’s got to be a more steady 60 with the X. Or something else has got to give.

I’m curious if there is any difference in input lag between the One and One X in Gears 5.

In 4,

There was a 1080p60 performance mode for Horde and Campaign.

In 5,

Everything is 2K-4K 60.

Probably not,

Same game,

Same FPS.

See that’s stupid, I wanted to know if the campaign was going to be 60fps on the original xbox one

On Reddit, they said Campaign would run 30 FPS on original Xbox One and S.

Another article says all three systems would run 60 FPS. But Xbox One original would run 1080p.

I’m not sure about slightly better visuals. I went from X1 to X1s to X1x and I thought the increased visuals were incredible on the X1x.

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It’s got sharper resolution but the visuals themselves are a slight upgrade in that sense because only character models are “Ultra” with everything else below that.

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