Xbox one major problem

Ok so I’m running xb1s and despite having to restart my progress 50 or more times I have managed to struggle through this incredibly buggy game and made it to the final boss fight.

Previously I have been able to either restart from current checkpoint or forced to restart the chapter in order for it to move past being stuck on the enemy turn (where the enemy does nothing on their turn and their turn does not end).

I have attempted to comple the final.boss fight about 20 times maybe more than that, everytime it gets to the bit where he says “I have surpassed humanity” or some.buisness, the enemy wont end its turn, well it does not even start its turn, the hydra flies.about does its thing, then none of its grubs will move or attack or anything and I’m stuck just looking at this hydra face forever. I’ve tried restarting this in every possible way but once I’m into the final part of his health bar its game over, game hangs on enemy turn endlessly.

This is incredibly frustrating as I cant finish the campaign and it looks like an uninstall is on the cards, I’ve searched for days for some one with a similar issue to help me but there’s nothing, game is new to xbox and either people didnt bother to post their issues or just flat out gave up, either way I’d love to get this resolved


Same here. I’m fighting the hydra and then when 1/3 of the health bar remains the enemy don’t finish it’s turn, it just stays there and can’t continue the fight. This already happended to me 3 times. Fix this the coalition, please, just want to finish the game.


Yeah strange, I’ve had no issues on a series X so far so might be a console thing.

Also getting the same issue on Xbox series X. I get the health bar of the hydra down by about half and the game hangs on enemy turn. Hopefully someone sees this and can patch this issue.

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Getting this bug. Tried reloading checkpoint but I am still being given this issue. Guess I won’t be finishing the game.


I’m on Xbox1 and I have the same issue. I have to restart the mission or hard reset my console. Playing this game is painful

Had this issue a lot throughout the campaign.
But the most annoying thing is I’m so close to killing the hydra, it’s got about 1/6 of its health left, a boomer comes out, then more grenadiers and the game gets stuck on enemy turn.
I’m fuming! Restarting checkpoint doesn’t help. Really don’t wanna restart this mission. Might bin this game off till it gets fixed.

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I’m on my second playthrough, my Insane run. Everything was going fine, then all of a sudden on Act 2 Chapter 2, I get hit with the infinite Enemy Turn glitch. I’m absolutely infuriated. I’m playing on Series X as well. Please tell me there’s a fix.

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Unfortunately still no fix and I’ve since uninstalled the game which is a real shame.


Well I managed to get past the glitch and now I’m on Act 3. But I’m super worried that if it happened once already, it might happen against the final boss as well. Words wouldn’t be able to describe how furious I would be if I toiled through the entire campaign on Insane but I won’t be able to finish it.

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How did you manage to get past it? Restart the mission?

Game’s a pain in the ■■■■. Leggy alien level thing keeps freezing. Better games to play.

I had the same issue and how I got passed it was just focus on pure DPS . Even when the Hydra used its AOE scream I didn’t move just tanked it, healed and continued to focus on damage Eventually I defeated it with no endless turn loop. Hope this helps

Still a thing on PC too. Into my 6th try and again: Hangs on enemy turn. Seems to do this when enemy has to react to my tactis (attractor mine, someone cloaked, someone on overwatch etc). Seems to be rare in “non complicated situations”.
Still: This shouldn´t be a thing this far since release.


Don’t hurt Ukkon in the turn you get his health to the last bar. Then it won’t crash.