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Xbox one gears tactics

will the game be released on Xbox?


It was a Xbox conference absolutely yes. I mean they did say it would be on PC.

It says PC in the sticky in this section

If you look in the Gears 5 section the sticky says Xbox and PC.

In the Gears pop section the sticky says Mobile.

That indicates this game is a PC exclusive.

It currently states it is windows 10 exclusive. SO as it stands it doesn’t seem like it. Not a good move at all. Microsoft did the same with all of their age of empires games being developed, all PC exclusive.

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I think it will be a timed PC exclusive and then come to Xbox later :+1:


i hope so

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Can you imagine playing Age of Empires with a controller?

People should stop port-begging for a game developed with keyboard and mouse in mind. That’s what I understand in “true PC experience”.

That doesn’t mean The Coalition and Splash Damage don’t take extra time to develop a Xbox One port suited for gamepad controls. Better this way than a rushed port woth rubbish controls.

[EDIT] Wow, I just realized I answered a two months old post. :sweat_smile:

Except full Keyboard and mouse support is supposedly coming to xbox. Also I think it currently has limited keyboard and mouse support. Regardless I don’t have an issue with a timed exclusive or it being developed for PC first. But I still have doubts that this will ever go to xbox. If it will they should just be open and say an xbox version will be ported afterwards. Of course if Xbox actually had a huge catalogue of 1st party games I wouldn’t really care, but as it stands they have so little.

Sure, but does this mean Splash Damage will be “f*** it, keyboard and mouse are mandatory on console, too bad for the millions of people who would have actually played it on controller”?

I don’t think so.

Isn’t Tactics turn based rather than real time? I could’ve sworn I read this was the case. If so then speed isn’t an issue. The XCOM series were successfully ported over to X Box and is played on a pad fine. It’s all about decision making rather than speed, skill and reflexes.

I think that the entire thing was a bit stupid seen as every Gears of war game was on Xbox and it’s also an exclusive to Xbox which it has been all this time I’ve got no problem with it being on pc and Xbox but I personally don’t think that this should stay as a Pc exclusive especially because they’re already getting a great game Aoe4 which should stay on pc just because of a legacy reason of that it was born on the PC and should stay there but it should be the same thing for gears tactics the gears genre was created on the Xbox so it should at least come out for people on Xbox but to be honest if it’s going to be like XCOM and take along time to do this which I don’t think make any sense because we already have 2 of them on Xbox and the controls look like they’d be very similar if not the same this is just my opinion on this but being someone who has played them all and has been a big fan for years and was excited by gears 5 I would be very disappointed if they’d miss out on the opportunity to release for what I presume is where a large collection of their fans are.

They’ve already said it was PC only. I’m annoyed but it’s enough encouragement to finally get a gaming pc.

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This games needs to come out on Xbox one also

Good news then. Rod has confirmed that Tactics will be coming to Xbox, no date. I mean we kinda knew but still great news from the flame haired one.

It may end up being a launch title for the new xbox next year

Could be I suppose, I would be suprised but you never know. Just glad it is coming to Xbox.

Gears is too big on Xbox for it not to happen and Halo Wars has shown that this can be successful.

Plus, it was always kinda known so was safe in that part!

I look forward to giving it a go :+1:

I’ll def be playing this. Always wanted to get into one of these types of games, and looks and sounds awesome.