Xbox now moves to pay to win model with series x launch. If u dont upgrade ur just keeping the lobby full boy!

First of all me brother has told me all about this he is me tech boy. Second he is very poor he had To save many months and then lowball the hell out of some guy on craigslist just to be able to afford an xbox one x. Since the series x launch now he gets killed by people that arent even looking at him. When he turns to shoot they have already turned and shot. Even thought he is a true diamond player and fan. He knows he dosent stand a chance when he is being out framed 2 to 1 (whatever that means) He justs wants to thank microsoft and gears for still letting him play even though he has a lack of frames and will alwas be 60 frames behind. I mean of course it will be fun to be rich series x millionaires target practice… He won’t be outplayed just outspent…He just want to thank you for letting him continue to buy xbox live and live through the frustration fest or not being rich… When is the series xxx coming out with 480 fps january or febuary? Any how thanks for turning his favorite game into pay to win…from a ex true fan me brother.


:roll_eyes::grimacing: alright.


I’m not at all rich and I own the series X. I got incredibly lucky. I also own a very nice 2020 TV. I got it from working hard. Honestly, I just save up. I have two kids, plenty of responsibility. I just know good money management.

Also frames don’t work like that. It isn’t that much of an advantage as you might think. Response time on display actually plays more of an advantage… gears of war has always had of what you speak of with people shooting without looking. I still see it. That’s just ping, distance, server issue.

Before this year i was playing on a one x on a tv from 2009 or something. 720p. The TV made the difference even just at 60 fps. it’s the input lag that makes more of a difference, trust me.


the better hardware always is smoother but it doesnt have the advantage you speak of, this is just lag.

60 fps for this game is good, but obviously 120 fps is even better. however this is something pc gamers always had to deal with, the person with the better hardware always had better game performance but that doesnt mean they are better at the game, the better player and best plays always win regardless, unless you have unstable framerate dipping around 30 fps and below there should be no problem.


Console MP is going the way of PC where there will be several different setups and investment costs will determine possible performance advantages. If he plays Xbox One X on a television verses someone like me with a 1ms gaming monitor running gears at 1440p@120fps freesync with next to no latency with the new DLI controllers and pipeline one Xbox Series X/S, which Gears 5 utilizes…yes…I will absolutely see him first. 🤷 That said, I still get scraped by the best. Setup doesn’t matter to skilled players. They adjust and still wreck. I don’t adjust well to latency, so the new setup is night and day differences. I have matches where I know I’m the only one in lobby with a Series X console, because I’m sitting in lobby a good 10 seconds before anyone else, where I go 16-1 & 20-2 in ranked Teamdeath match against gold and onyx players. All I can say is it’s a big advantage when you take most of the delays out of gears and it’s this precise…well…when the servers aren’t crapping out like they have been alot lately. :roll_eyes:

Thank you for keeping the forums interesting.

As far as any advantage, I have yet to play on the new console, but I suspect input delay is where it shines in this game, not the increased FPS.


I have a series x and it makes ZERO DIFFERENCE to advantage as the netcode is embarrassingly unworthy of running minecraft dungeons pal so just forget gears 5 and wait for halo infinite or wait for microsoft to hand over the reigns of gears to someone else as TC couldn’t run a bath

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If you notice “zero differences” you have issues not related to Xbox consoles.


Ping and netcode… even jesus would struggle on series x :joy:

Ps had no priblems on gears 1 - 4 and I’m currently a diamond player and b4 you say it’s easy to rank up now op5 is here j was also onyx 3 b4 so not tge best player but not the worsg either :wink:

I know what you mean.

It does suck society is like this.

I’d tell your brother just to play single campaign games.

I started dead space & I love it.

Sometimes all we play is gears we forget there’s darker games waiting to be played.

Next is silent hill.

I’ve recently learned not everything has to be gears.

But advantages are always there.

I have a chick friend who tells me she buffed her frame rates by 120 when I asked if she’d get the X.

She’s a PC buff.

So even if you get the X or S there’s always people pushing for the next advantage.


Me brothers boy :cat:‍ is a tryhard from England when he plays with the North American crew his ping is 120-140 so he isnt a gnasher boy he’s a support player with the rifles after he upgraded to the series x he says the ping dosent even matter anymore he just runs around as a gnasher boy screaming its all about the frames going 20-1 or 22-2 in the high ranking lobbies. When we watch if hes the last man out the up and back A actions are so fast your eyes cant keep up. If me gran is watching from the couch she says it makes her dizzy.

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I noticed the same thing, it is what it is if you wanna stay competitive either grab a series X or play on pc with a 120-240 fps monitor.


PC will always be superior.

How it is. But I’m the end it’s just a game.

Some dudes were playing on 240 speed when I’m on a Dino console & I really doubt I get a steady 40-60 speed from the first Xbox one ever made.

Never did know what they meant until the Xbox one X came out advertising a steady 60 speed.

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Input delay is the culprit here, framerate doesn’t matter.
It’s not pay to win by any chance

What do you propose then OP, that series X users not be allowed to play Gears? Or not be allowed to enjoy 120 fps after spending the money? Its either that or exclude everyone who doesn’t have a series X from Gears or make playlists for series X and non-series X and further divide the already small community.

I doubt its that huge of an advantage. Like others have said, skill will still win over specs.

It’s 60fps on all versions of XB1.

Well the original Xbox one can run from 30-60 FPS & it’s not known to be steady at all.

I honestly don’t care.

If that was the case there’s no reason to buy the x/s.

Sucks games are about the hardware now.

I’ve switched to horror game campaigns recently so it’s not a big deal.

Just remember on the 360 that wasn’t really an issue though, having people up their FPS just to have an advantage over another

Depends on the game. Gears 5 mp is basically a locked 60fps. It occasionally dips to 59 for fractions of second which you’re not going to notice.

On paper maybe but you can tell

4k 120fps Freesync HDR is smooth as hell! Is there something wrong with yr settings dude? Or yr TV do not support that at all?

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