XBox not connect to Online

Hi All

I have 13 rank, little play in Gears of War 4, mainly in Battlefield

I can not connect to the servers, the search is 15 minutes in all multiplayer modes, and I turn it off.

Is it a problem in my rank, since everyone already has big ranks, or are there really few people playing online ?

European region, good ping 45-60ms, for example, I can connect to any server in Germany in Battlefield without lag.

Ps. I have no problem with online games, last week I was only able to connect to the online GW4 once

It could be that you’re trying to play when no one in your region is currently playing. Have you tried during peak times?

I’m trying to connect around 22: 00 ( Europe ), the Battlefield servers are overloaded at this time.

I do not know I think the problem in the search algorithm, in other words that I can not connect at all because of the lower rank, although I know how to play.

Check your network settings and NAT type to make sure that it’s “Open”.
Reset your modem/router and hard reset your Xbox by holding the power button down for 10 seconds.

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I not have problem with NAT, type B (2)

I connect in all game in Switch and PS4

The text line shows the connection, comparison of ranks, expansion of the range of players, and so on in a circle.

They can cut up the ping, but I’m with my 50 ms, I seen from other players 70-100 ms

The problem is probably more serious in that it is quite impossible to connect to the online due to the lowest ranks.

Or very few players, which is unlikely.

I have GW4 + Season pass, problems in the current maps can not be