[Xbox] Major subtitles bug


English is not my native language, I hope i’ll be understandable

Despite the fact that we can’t disable the subtitles during cutscenes (which has been already reported), I’d like to report an other (and worse) major bug
In the french version of the game, subtitles are completely broken. In almost each cutscene, some sentences does not match at all what the characters say. In fact, these sentences are from previous scenes of the game, or even future scenes. For instance, JD says a sentence in Act I, and the subtitles show a sentence that Kait will say during Act II ! This means I can be spoiled by the subtitles ! And like I said, we can’t disable this subtitles during cutscenes for now.

Every french review of the game have enlighted this major issue. I don’t think this issue exists in the english/american version. If people from other non-english countries have the same problem, feel free to say it

We would really like to get a patch about this, it is really anoying.

Thanks a lot

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