Xbox is buying Activision

70 billion well spent for those of us on Game Pass.

What does this mean for Gears 6?

That there is absolutely no reason at all to rush given the plethora of big games that will be coming in the near future.

Unless the next Gears game is superb, it will only be a blimp on the radar when ever it releases.

I see this as good news for Gears.

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It also means Rod Ferguson works for Xbox again.


And there I was wondering what the talk about MS and Blizzard on the radio was earlier.

Hadn’t thought about that.

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We are doomed now.

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Nice knowing you all :’/



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GoW is screwed lmao.


Every male GOW characters are srewed… He will turn this game into Girls of War! :roll_eyes:


As long as they remove shot delay they can add as many woke characters as they want!:joy:

i wonder what he thinks when in next 15 years you can smoke cigarette while tea-bag other players in metaverse… lol

Just Girls. He’ll take the of War off again.


Just because that cretinous Viking will be working for Microsoft again doesn’t 100% mean he’ll be able to infect Gears of War again. He should still be sticking with Diablo.

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Do you know what Activision is? Would you like a picture to help?

-“the deal is not expected to be finalized until sometime in 2023.”

In terms of Gears, I do worry that the money spent on acquired Activision will mean less money for Gears.

If Gears 6 is in development hell MS may end up scrapping TC as a whole. If Gears 6 launches and is lackluster, that may be the end of the series, or at least for a good while.


Do you know what a ritual killing is?

Obviously I am well aware who Activision are. I do refer to Blizzard though in regards to Rod.

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I think it means he never stopped.
He’s their mole they shove in to help take over companies.

Even when Epic wasn’t finishing the first gears fast enough M$ planted him in to oversee and speed the project along.

Interesting take.


You’re going to love the redecorating that will take place.

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Nothing for me to get excited about. Remakes and sequels and back catalogues of games I don’t need to play again. No way these can stay exclusive to Xbox considering the money these games make on micro transactions with Xbox again coming in 3rd in the console war.

I don’t want every game to turn into a gears or even halo that doesn’t have great user numbers. Hopefully they will still sell the game to other consoles for £60 and use game pass as the reason to buy an Xbox. Although I suspect game pass needs to become more expensive.

Remember when we all tolerated the worst piece of hardware ever made, the Xbox 360 because of the games, the new IP coming out and not just endless sequels. Series X, here have a back catalogue at 60FPS. Literally no excitement about upcoming games and kids would rather keep playing Minecraft, overwatch or Fortnite on an old Xbox one.

I’d rather they spent 70 billion trying to make the next franchise of must have games. Not halo, gears and cod. Or you know actually getting the console out there in shops and in stock. The tech will be 2 years old before people can buy one by walking into a shop!