Xbox - Gears wont launch (Main thread) - Update issue 17 September

I bought Xbox One X Gears 5 Edition last week



Des. Here the same


Same issue here.

Smells like boost days (meaning multiple) should be added.

Bugs in the game…ok for now.

Server issues…we get it, but hurry.

Game won’t load…fundamental issue. Compensation please.


Got error. Signed out then in. Still getting the error. Nothing from Octus or The Coalition on Twitter either.

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I just want to play the game :sob:

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Your gamer score is so close to perfect

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Go to Network Settings, and Go Offline. Then you can launch the game if you want to play SP while they fix the issue. Just FYI

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Not working here either. Central U.S. Xbox one x an a Xbox one s. 2 diffrent accounts. 1 UGP the other UE of gears 5. Microsoft side looks to be working…at least a reaponse. TC not so much as we haven’t heard from them not even a tweet.

The same for me in france.

This started around 6am in Vancouver, where TC is located fyi. Hopefully we will get an official response soon, but given the early hour at TC HQ it may not be immediate.


I am it’s annoying. I’m in NY

Thank you Wheezy, grabbing some collectibles itm.

Game needs update error here in North Carolina

Thank you for keeping us updated :ok_hand:

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This is an absolute disgrace broken game broken company. I’ve unistalled won’t be selling those new skins to me today or anyone by the looks of it. what a pathetic failure

Ha haa, that’s a ■■■■ morning for someone :smiley: better get that coffee on.


Thanks hope to play soon!


I do want TC to succeed, but sometimes all I can do is…



I thought my xbox was broken oh well looks like I’m playing trials rising until this is fixed

Yeah I can’t neither :frowning: