Xbox Games Showcase June 11th

Heard through the grapevine that :

Gears 6
Gears Ultimate Collection
Gears Tactic 2

Will be shown off here.

Joke aside, i do actually think we’ll see something Gears related at this event. I dont think it will be Ultimate Collection as thats just a meme at this point.

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I instantly believe you and will share it all over social media. May even make a 10 minute long YouTube video explaining this one thing in numerous ways.


Multiplayer Beta coming out the same day for those that preorder.

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Beta playable on returning fan favourites Gridlock and Blood Drive.


Don’t forget Overpass, Sandbar and original Bullet Marsh.

Those who preorder the super deluxe edition get to play on fan favorite map Pahanu as well.

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Hey, now. Bullet Marsh is a classic while Overpass and Sandbar were glorious for Hammy, my loyal 6-time-onyx Semi-Automatic monster.

Now that’s true horror.

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Gridlock “reimagined”

(It’s literally the same)

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Hey guys! He said “joke” as in the singular - not plural! That means only one of the three is a joke and therefore we’ll get two of them for sure!


You sound just like them

They will announce a fix for them achivements in Judgment and UE (Windows), or even Gears POP 2!, a man can dream!

All seriousness, cant wait to see what what they bring to the table relating to Gears. I wonder if/when they annouce something they will be more active in the forums here aswell. Time will tell I suppose.

More than likely a 2 minute Gears 6 campaign teaser with a launch date announced next year for like November 2024.

I assume this is a joke about the California Raisins, because we all know that rumors are against the law. We don’t want Ghost to drop the hammer.

A little bird told me as well.

The post was for discussion with jokes in it. Hopefully it wont get removed but i understand if it does.

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Hmmmmmm, wonder who you could be referring to. Probably Renaissance18.

Oh no, I don’t mind him. I’m referring to an “Content Creator” who is indefinitely worse who usually makes very unnecessarily long videos based on tiny rumours and speculation.


I know exactly who just based on that description.


that would be the minimum, over 5 years ;(

Good! Because I see two unforgivable grammatical errors that make me cringe. I was very sleep deprived. Still am but more awake to notice such clumsiness.

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