Xbox game pass version overheating

Is anyone experiencing this?
As my xbox only runs for about a half hour before shutting down.

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when I play Gears 5 it starts to kick in the fan at high speed however I’ve never encountered that the xbox shuts off.

I do however play in a air conditioned environment at 23 c. I don’t know if that’s makes a difference.

its not the gamepass version as all version are the same.

What xbox do you have???


I had problems with my xbox one x shuting down a while ago. think I was playing pubg from hdd so copied it to internal hdd. Also moved a few things around to give the xbox more air.

Are you playing on a Xbox One X?

The X tends to heat fairly quickly when playing a graphically intense game in 4k/HDR . Had the same issue while playing RDR2. The problem fixed itself at some point, but the fans would still sound loud af. That goes for Gears and a lot of other games that run in 4k/HDR.

Nothing to do with version of the game. Check your console for dust buildup, make sure it’s in a well ventilated area, and test to see if it still happens.

I’ve been using the Game Pass “version” since day one, and while it obviously stresses the console, I’ve never had any actual issues.

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also to buy a mini-split cooling solution , xbox one x plays better in cold places.