Xbox crashes during horde

Hi there
Not sure if this is a known thing that happens or I’m just unfortunate. This has happened a few times before, and it’s not like every game, but it does happen frequently enough for me to make a post here about it to see if anyone else is having the same issue on their xbox series x. Coincidentally also happens every time the store updates lol


If you search on Internet or here, you’ll find isn’t the first time there’s a crash issue:

This happened since game was launched on 2019:

or here:

And your post proves isn’t only a PC version issue, it may happen on any platform but they don’t want to listen and start making action to fix It.

I tried searching the forum and found mostly stuff from pre-series x, although I’m sure I could have looked harder.
Should also include I’m on console, I’ll edit that in. Submittedd a ticket though, thanks. Still no improvement for you on pc?

No, is the same, there’s recent videos I posted

and the crashes are saved on Event Viewer and I also sent them via screenshots on tickets support, and posted on Microsoft forums and nobody wants to take action.

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This happen to me today in the new event of horde in the wave 9, but not only this happen in horde, and I play in Xbox one too

Have you downloaded the new update?

Yes, today only happen in horde but in multiplayer is fine