XB1X Loud fan at title screen

I noticed somthing strange about gears 5 when i get to the title screen on my x1x the fan goes nut s just sitting there on the title screen. When i bring the guide menu it stops when i hide the menu it starts again no other game does this only gears 5 . What does this mean ?

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Likely that Gears 5 is very intensive and the console is designed to kick the cooling up to keep it from overheating.

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I decreased the graphics to 1080p still same thing.

Moved into its own thread as to not clutter the feedback thread.

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Doesn’t really matter.

My PC fans kick into hyper drive too. It’s just the game requires it.

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Ok so its normal ? Cause i play gears 4 at my max res and hdr and no fan noise.

Same here FYI.

It is for gears 5.

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Gears 5 is much more intensive than Gears 4.

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Maybe it should have launched with the new console.

Nah, there’s nothing wrong with the cooling system kicking into overdrive. If your console started to overheat there may be an issue but otherwise you’re good

I get frame drops where everything looks slow motion for long periods then it goes away.

The games pushing the console beyond its power limits for that brief moment. It’s one reason I sold my consoles and built a very high end PC. I got tired of the FPS dips as anything below 60FPS is unacceptable to me.

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Goes back to my last comment why did they not release it on the new console. Wonder if it had somthing to do with the terminator sponsor being the reason the game was released unfinished or are we just their Guinea pigs. Hence no fps drops on new console.

I wouldn’t say there won’t be FPS drops on the new consoles.

I’m guessing because I’ve got a massive case and so many fans, they always whisper quiet now,

But yeah, would spin up a little in my old Pc for sure.