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XB1X Help/problem solving

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So guys I’ve had this issue with my XB1X recently. It’s happened now 3-4 times.

My current setup is an XB1x with nothing on the hard drive at all. I have a 4TB seagate xb1 edition hooked up and of course my elite controller. Console is hardwired with 4K enabled and a 65” 4K TV. The console is set up in sleep mode

Randomly my console will forgot the external hard drive. Hard reset and then it will lose my elite controller - resync just to find my external is still missing.

Hard reset again and randomly it’ll remember the controller.

This cycle will continue for 30 minutes until I unplug the external and unplug the console.

Then power up the console and plug the external in - and it’ll sync all my info from the external back to the console and it’ll be like nothing has ever happened.

The XB1X is the only console I’ve ever had this happen with. My Gears XB1s was flawless with never a hiccup as well as my original XB1.

Any advice? Microsoft help is clueless or maybe they don’t understand redneck and i can’t explain it correctly. Lol



It wasn’t important, but MSFT did have an OS update not too long ago, is your OS updated?
Did you try using a different power mode and switching back?
Have you checked if the controller’s driver is up to date with the braided USB cable?
Do you have a duplicate of a game or App on both drives?
Do you try transferring something to another drive?
Have you factory reset keeping games and apps?
Are you OS testing? “i.e. Skip Ahead Alpha, Alpha, Beta and Delta”

And I can’t think of anything else, except that hard reset that you already did.

(HayMaker304) #3

My system is set to sleep - so it auto updates. So I’d assume it’s up to date.

[quote=“AIR_IK_BREATHES, post:2, topic:14524”]
Did you try using a different power mode and switching back?
[/quote] I have not

I change consoles quite often. The external drive keeps me from redownloading games on a new console every time I change to a new one.

I have not

I did that on Microsoft’s recommendation after the first time. It did it again not very long afterward.