X ICON still isnt fixed? VIDEO


Here is a clip that is a perfect example. Before op.4. I was able to slide off this wall with no problem ever.
There are many spots on other maps where thee exact same thing happens. I did record a clip on asylum but go figure. The video recording got F 'd up.

T.C. are you guys even aware of this issue. Was it done on purpose. And even when i do press X. Not a dam thing happens.
It has gotten me killed quite a few times now

Same here not sure if it matters but classic alt scheme

Yes. But i dont think the scheme matters

I dont know if TC is aware of this issue or not. But its been a few weeks now and should have been fixed

It wasnt there prior to op.4

If u mean u get stuck on corners all the time then i play default and its the same.

Best thing is tho… TC implemented this in OP4… Why u ask? :rofl:

Apparently!! Ppl where complaining that they kept falling/slipping off of cover. Never not 1 time have i seen a complaint about this issue on these forums

Confirmed by dana in last weeks stream🙄

I think you mean corner rolling

Which if this is the fix??? It needs to be reverted ASAP

corner rolling is a be. itch but NOT MOVING is even worse.
Why would anyone think this is an improvement.
IM SORRY BUT TC literally listens to the wrong people every single time.

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The words i used is what dana said, it was quite funny cause the pvp guy on stream with him didnt really no what dana was talking about


I had a better video that was recorded but didn’t render.
It was on asylum and the stupid icon literally got me killed. Because i was stuck and just sitting crunched on a block already 4 pointed and i know i would have been able to escape because honestly. The opponent was garbage.

Its messing up the flow of the game even more.
This game has zero fluidity now.
They just want you to BOT WALK EVERYWHERE
That sht IS NOT FUN.
I just want to be able to move around the map without feeling like i have weights on or M.i.M
Moving In Mud

Using default A button i usually have to press it a few times before ill move forward.

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Its the same with classic alt.
It has gotten worse when op
4 came out.
Im rolling a lot more because im constantly having to push X.
.or even worse
.im stopping dead in my tracks while trying to move around the map because X ( run or roll) doesnt register.
It has gotten better since the first week of op.4 but something is definitely off still.
I just want the game to be fluid honestly
I shouldnt be fighting the game instead of opponents.