X-Fi sound blaster Titanium card may be crashing the game

I was having a crashing issue ,were the game would crash every time at the very start of a boss wave in horde mode , The game would not even boot at first…after hrs. researching and testing I fund that my X-fi sound blaster Titanium card setting’s was conflicting with the games sound technology or something?, causing the 1st start up boot to crash…so by rising the "Sample Rate on the sound cards properties advance tab from it’s default 16bit 48000hz to 32bit 96000hz and having the speakers set up to 5.1 . I was able to get the game to boot to the game’s main menu, this was working for awhile.
“update the crashing before the start of a boss wave in horde mode has returned” . :frowning: don’t know what else to try,?