X amount of kills challenges

Please no more “get x amount of kills for a dead skin” challenges. It ruins the game because of numpties tgat are too eager to rob every kill, instead of playing the game properly.


Stop whining…it’s a team based game…I’d much rather my teammate swoop in for the kill than me sit back and Lance down the same guy 3 times in a row cuz everyone to afraid to claim it…can’t count how many times someone downed came back to kill it all…u see a downed enemy …kill them asap and move forward with the push…unless its a situation where u can blatantly tell ur teammate has the down and can handle himslef and u just swoop in with the shot…then that’s a ■■■■ move other wise I’m tired of seeing these threads…be faster and collect ur downs or let ur teammate progress with u and collect when u cant

You can’t finish your downs with the lancer?

I don’t mind when the battle is going on but what I hate more than anything is when you go to meatshield your down because you are hurt and someone else swoops in and takes it then you go down and your teammate doesn’t even attempt to revive you

In a normal game I don’t mind the kill stealing, but when you are playing coop vs bots it is rampant and irritating. Everyone in that mode is only there to complete those kinds of achievements/challenges so you would think there would be an unspoken mutual understanding of what everyone is trying to accomplish.

However, you will see some of the worst offenders in there. People will intentionally pop any frags you plant just to keep you from getting a kill, stand in front of you when you grab a power weapon in an attempt to block your shots, and follow you around trying to steal every kill you attempt.

Anyway, I’m hoping they don’t add anything else to this game. It’s like a doctor popping a long dead corpse with a defibrillator every few hours in an attempt to get it’s heart going again and it just isn’t going to work.

I think the Golden Gear challenge was a better challenge with the point system. Something like this or maybe something with KOTH/Escalation where you gotta get X amounts of caps and breaks would make for better game play. Might even make those game modes more competitive.

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Not on ranked…if ur too far away and u down the guardian for example…unload as much as u want but he will not die until u close the distance gap…so no not always can u finish ur downs with the lancer bruh

Some modes use execution rules so a downed enemy can only be killed using an execution, close range gunfire (about 3 metres or so), or explosives.

I know that just was poking the bear a little lol