WWE Woman as Locust

We have a dude feast of WWE people on cog, what about the woman?

Gail Kim as a Myyrah.

cmon TC redemption time!


It’s a no from me.

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Matriarch as a WWE wrestler!? :thinking:

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Mt. Fiji from G.L.O.W. ?

Or…Myrrah in Gail Kim’s outfit!

Oooh, there’s a thought!


The only real choice is Chyna.

Not only has the physique of swarm/locusts, but also looks like them.

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Ppl wondering why developers won t take them serious…

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I hate these wwe people In gears, it literally makes no sense

Yeah yeah negative Nancy always gotta be negative on my replies.

I’m only a tight butthole when I know what’s wrong is wrong

Honestly woman as locust is pretty cool!

Don’t knock it!

We got 4 dudes on COG why not!

Just a thought

@GB6_Kazuya she could totally pull it off.

@METAL_Specill_K yeah China as a locust would merge two childhoods , that be perfect


except she’s… y’know… dead

Don’t remind us :pensive:

It was a joke broski

I’m in favor of more females in general
I already have to be a male irl until I die!

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I’m all for more females in the game!