Wth,really, 10% per loss?

How the hell can you justify 10% per loss in rank when we’re winning 4/5 games not acquiring xp? This is horribly coded, as well as the lag comp what the actual hell

It is pretty odd the way they have it set up. I’ve never jumped 10% in rank but I’ve gone down by significant amounts, even as MVP.
That’s why I don’t worry over rank. It ruins the game for me.


My 3 year old could have come up with a better system. Its just plain dumb and should be down to your individual performance… TC seem to think that they can reinvent the wheel… Poorly… Oh so poorly.

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Just because you’re winning games doesn’t mean your individual contribution has been high.


This is true. Especially if you are constantly in a stack with the same people. @API wrote out a detailed explanation a while back that I read recently and have been applying towards this season. So far, I believe he nailed how the ranking works.

Every loss I have had thus far has not resulted in going down. This includes solo queuing and with a team. Even one where we had a quitter and we got stomped with me top of my team at 15 kills to the 50 kills of the opponent in a koth match.

You truly have to perform the best you can on every game, never leave even if you are losing. Outperform your teammates as much as possible and lastly, you can’t play in the same stack every single game and expect to move much after reaching a certain point. If you play in the same stack you become rated as a team and not as an individual. If you break off and start playing by yourself or with other teams it will realign your true skill.

As an example:
If you are playing 5 games against people perhaps at a slightly lower team skill level and you win 4 of those games and hypothetically you are at mid to bottom of your team on those games. Should you move up in rank?

You lose the 5th game - should you go down?

It’s likely that even with the 4 wins, if the system predicted you should be performing better than you were and you don’t meet or surpass this - you likely move either very little (on the multi decimal level) which means when you finally get a loss - you have to pay up with rank percentage. If you constantly outperform and get MVP or just do better than you usually do on your same team your loss will be little to potentially zero depending on the opponent.


Completely false, ive taken streak mvps home and still lost a lot of %, and ive gone on 20 to 30 game winstreaks with multiple mvps and gotten zilch, thats the only consistent thing about this game ironically. Oh and when i was d1 last season my friend went from placement at o2 to d3 in the same session with us splittin mvp and again, i got nothing for it. This rank system should have stayed what it was b4 they changed it in s3, individual performance based, cuz this w/l algorithm is garbage