Wtf rank, i didn't know

So I started a game and my partner quit on two versus two gnashers. My partner quit after the first round… I ended up losing obviously and as a gold three I lost against two gold ones. I checked my stats after and dropped 5%… Was I really supposed to win 1 vs 2, TC?

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I’ve won a 2v1 in 2v2 before…


Sorry, it was 3 percent… Not 5.

This really belongs in the master ranking thread (aka the garbage can where TC puts all the rank questions out can’t/won’t answer).


Who hasn’t… But the fact that you are expected to or you lose rank is kind of weird

Lol. I gave up on that thread a long time ago. It’s mostly just @III_EnVii_III repeating himself over and over to noobs :joy:


Indeed. Bless his heart. Remind me to bake him some cookies next Christmas. :evergreen_tree:


He’s so nice about it too lol. I would have been like “screw these idiots” :rofl:


TC have said multiple times that a % drop may have been lingering from past games.

Also, you would have been expected to win the first round only so a small drop from that round itself might have been applied but overall, the 3% isn’t that bad as maybe you didn’t do as expected for a past game.

If you did get a few kills, this may increase your Skill Rating a little as you may have performed well in that situation.

However, since it’s a loss, it might not be reflected straight away but at the next few wins.

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