WTF - New achievements?

I didn’t see any previous announcements. Check it out in your game.

The grindy ones are.

Kill 25k and 100k in Horde or Escape
60M and 200M damage in Horde or Escape

Those are a lot easier than the versus kills/damage.


Got concerned for a minute. Apparently they are retroactive but you have to apply the update and login to the game. Hit A once the game starts. I’ve unlocked 6 of the 8 achievements by doing just that.

I just need the ones for Paduk and Clayton.

Yeah man. Pretty sure they will make most of the achievements retro at this point.

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Thank goodness.

Did get 5 Of 8 achievements ,many,many thanks TC very happy Gearhead,still got Cole ,PaduK,Clayton to get there achievements .

Have them all now.

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Pretty sure these wouldn’t really be difficult or grindy for regular PvE players besides maybe the damage ones for those playing low difficulties only. But 6 of the 8 popped for me right as I logged into the game after these were introduced, only not the Clayton and Paduk ones as I have not played those characters as yet.

Though then again I have mostly played PvE on a range of mid-high difficulty settings.