Wtf is with the servers, net code what ever

What is yalls major malfunction i swear, everyone like dont blame TC for all the problems its not thier fault, oh hush , i am sick of having servers or whatever when i have over 100 ping when any other game it stays at 10 like its supposed to. Make the game frustrating to play not to mention the stupid BETA tuning TC thinks we want lmao.

You already tried polishing this game but you can only go so far…

Need to stop messing with tuning, you know how annoying it is to re learn tunings over and over… -.-


I think they should focus more on making the game run smoothly instead of monthly tunings.

Sometimes tunings are needed but these tunings seem fine. It’s more of a lag problem now.

I have low ping settings on & luckly I’ve always been around 30-50 ping.

If I join someone else’s host & they don’t have that filter I get ping in the 100’s. Or if I join a foreign host.

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Good thing the upcoming tuning is the “major, final” tuning then, huh?


That’s pretty worrying tbh. The new tuning, despite being closer to the game I want, despite in my opinion being better and despite in my opinion widening the skill gap — the new tuning has the worst problem imaginable, it’s boring.

Heard that one before :eyes: