Wtf is a challenge hive?

Its not a difficulty, and i dont see it anywhere else. So what qualifies an escape match as a “challenge hive?”. Im just tryin to get stars…

It is the Weekly Hive. Confused me at first too until I saw that the medal for completing 50 Challenge Hives went up after I did the weekly hive.

Cool. Thanks man. They should just change the name to weekly challenge hive. Or maybe the tour misdions to weekly hive.


When you first go into the escape menu theres 3 options . The first is the challenge

Just finished one of those. Still didnt get a challenge have completion. Idk if its because the exp screen glitch or what. Games gettin me pretty frustrated…and i bought the collectors gears 5 xbox one x. I dropped $550 for this experience :disappointed_relieved:

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I’m convinced that Master means to complete those Escape maps on Master Difficulty. But this might take a while. I don’t know if anyone has completed Master Difficulty yet, or if they need Level 15 heroes or maxed out cards.

Not master. Challenge. The wording is specific.

I thought you meant the bottom left Medal which said “Master all Challenge Hives in Operation 1”. I’m still at 0/10 for that, probably because haven’t done it on Master.

No worries, however this is just another example of how confusing this is. We as players shouldn’t be confused about what “escape 3 challenge hives”.


I got that, but its 5. I did 1 of the 3 avail and it didnt count.

it looks like you need to do all Hives on Master Difficulty . that what it reads like to me anyway and if that’s the case then I wont be doing that.

OP is talking about this Medal

I assume there will be (at least) 10 Challenge Hives over the next three months to complete.

This was not that. This was an objective to rank up. Do 5 Challenge Hives.

It’s the same thing though(except the above medal requires you to beat them on Master difficulty). A challenge Hive is just a weekly hive. You’ll see it in matchmaking, first thing. Currently it is the hive called “The Hive”.


I just completed the weekly on master and I didn’t get any progress on Hivemaster 1. No idea what it’s referring to.

I just completed an Escape on Master and I didn’t get any progress.

It’s a daily objective the one I have. And it reads “Escape 5 Challenge Hives”.

Did you do it from the “Weekly hive”

Yea I found it. The first Hive they had up wasn’t registering.