Wtaf? Suspended from matchmaking?

So I just started searching for a ranked koth game then glanced at my tour objectives and realised I’d do them faster in escape. So I immediately canceled it.
Matchmaking had literally only just started and had been searching for about 5 seconds and I definitely WASN’T in a game when I cancelled and yet I’m now suspended from matchmaking for 30 minutes?!?

Consider yourself lucky…They’ve probably done u favour

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this exact thing just happened to me . what a crock

The game literally warns you when you’re subject to matchmaking penalties and makes you confirm your quit.

Same thing happened to me. I knew that there would be penalties but I never thought that they would go that far.
Lesson learned

you shouldnt get penalized for canceling matchmaking before youve even been matched with a team. there should be no penalty for leaving a game pre start, at least not before the map has been selected .