Wrongfully suspended

I was in a ranked KOTH ranked match Onyx 3, I get lagged out the game (or “kicked”) in the last 5 seconds of the match.
I try to rejoin the match right away but failed to rejoin because the match had ended.
I then go on and try to play another game, but I am presented with YOU ARE SUSPENDED FOR 30 MINUTES.
Players can’t be getting banned for no fault of their own, this needs to be fixed.
This was extremely inconvenient as I was playing with a friend that was streaming Gears 5 on twitch, and now had to wait for me because I got WRONGLY FULLU SUSPENDED.

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The downside to having quit penalties unfortunately.

Im not saying you did but if you did quit then good

Pretty sure first offence is just a warning and you don’t get an actual suspension until you leave multiple ranked matches starting at 30 minutes.


Shhhhh,just ignore those actual matches they quit and focus on the one that he “lagged out” of…
I can boost my lag by allowing bit torrent to run whilst gaming, it will eventually kick me too, but that’s not MY fault lol.


fix the damn issue immediately for crying out loud

Games crap anyway so its saving you from playing it play a better game that actually works and doesnt change every week

Umm yea…it just “lagged out” in a game your buddy was streaming. My game lags out all the time. Every day im playing…then boom…just lags out. Ive noticed an awful lot of people lately w/very very suspect ping #'s. Numbers that should make your game unplayable because usually its from an issue with the circuit from your isp. Or…its from people dragging down and degrading their bandwidth …causing packet loss…so you become a bullet sponge. Its basically no different than using a lag switch. And its a dirtbag move. Big time dirt bag maneuver. And you dont get a suspension from 1 or 2 disconnects. So either get your internet fixed, or turn off your bit torrent and close all your youtube windows…

I’m in that crowd of HIGHLY SUSPECT ping numbers.
I’ve got high speed, or at least that’s what I’m paying for, with a max download of 5 to 6mb/s and even that is ONLY when downloading updates from Microsoft on the Xbox. On the laptop or phone, I never see above 1.5mb at a time.
Yet somehow my ping was 9 to 25ish this morning, whilst downloading stuff with bit torrent… completely made up ping is my guess

Bumped . This pos servers. Fix it already you cheap fks. I will close my gamepass if you dont!!! Where is cliffy b when you need him.

Yeah… because cliff was the one making the servers work…


I started following Cliff on Twitter and I’ll be honest he’s the last person you want involved making decisions for any Gears game. As we say in Scotland, he’s a total rocket!:joy:

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I have been on the Gears forums since the original… I distinctly remember unique complaints about each and every game. In that window of time I have seen the many changes, I have seen so many people come and go. Yet somehow, out of the hundreds of thousands of post I have read in those 14 years, this is possibly the stupidest comment I have read.

I guess I need to go to Cliff’s wikipedia and add IT Professional, Networking Infrastructure lead, Data engineer and SR Microsoft Azure Engineer to his resume.

You guys know
I’m joking right?

I like cliffy but i was just adding humor to my rant. Way to be so dense.


That should be the automatic reply for typing EZ in the game chat not for DC’ing.

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