Wrong re-up after patch still not reapired

It is just crazy how TC is (not) working to repair this issue. It is already 6 days since I posted this problem and I also issued a ticked but they did NOTHING! at the beginning I saw that they repaired the account in 30 seconda to some people so it is easy to do it manualy, but they prefer to wait now and probably do some global patch…
I do not get any XP now and playing game is just pointless. I lost 4x exp weekend because od that and probably I will lose more.
I do not understand why they cant make a single patch without making this game unplayable for at least 1 day.
When are you going to repair accounts as minę?


It is incredibly bad how they quickly sorted the lucky few out on this forum in no time but many others missed out.

Gonna leave you rightfully annoyed


As I said in another topic, they also do not bother to fix the continuous crashes of the game, crashes that did not happen before, this happen in One and PC

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Ticket should only take till about a month into gears 6 lifecycles to answer, you’ll get there. They are busy making their fans happy with other stuff… what it is, I couldn’t tell you.

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We are the end user and direct customers but nobody is hearing us.
Basically we have reached the cap xp. OK we will not have any xp even they fix our accounts.
BUT still we can not receiving any cards, stars for legends and coins.
SO the worst technical service I can ever see in my all gaming experience.

I am not very surprised that such thing happen. What I didn’t expect is that they will not fix this for almost a week!
I played Gears 5 almost every day since a long time and now I do not get any progress, because my re-up is glitched.
As they explained, it only affected people who were on 24th and 25th reup so I do not believe that they got thousands of tickets and accounts to repair.

Why Coalition does not react to it? It is crazy.

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Hey there, can you try and restart? It hopefully will be working now, sorry about the delay!


I have the same problem I can’t play my game that I pay for I have game pass ultimate and nothing is being done we don’t get an email on the progress left in the dark without my favorite game to play with no help and I think compensation is fair for us who have to go thru this while all my other friends get to play it works for them but I’m stuck on level 25 when I should be level 100 with my team of friends but stuck with a broken game that records no progress and shows me an error code after each match it’s very disappointing SlinkyXScifi is my game tag I sent in a ticket and don’t know what’s going on game has been broken since update

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Restart your game now!

My account is not fixed yet. Where am I wrong can you please tell me?
I created topics here, I replied other players’ topics, I created 3 different tickets from your support system regarding this issue.Everyday I am hard-starting my xbox.

I want some urgent help Please…

Restart your game now!

Still waiting too , help please…

Thank you. I got my wings :+1:


Do you understand that this has the opposite effect of what you’re hoping for?

@TC_Kilo1062 can you fix @SPARGELKOHL s profile while you’re at it?



Thankies :*

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My gt: TzZ I CiD

Restart your game :slight_smile:

Working… Thanks