WRONG PRICE in the outer wilds Kait pack´s (SCAVENGER)

Hi, I just uploaded a video on my channel opening kait packs, and the first comments they made were about the cost of the pack. The cost of these pack (now) is 2000 credits, but it cost me 400 credits.

The only purpose of attaching the video is to verify the information that I share.

If there has to be an adjustment in terms of my credits, or the skin’s obtained and the characters that resulted from this error, I have no problem returning them. Thank you.

The Coalition Army.
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As far as I know the only change has been the number of credits it costs. There have been no changes to the drop rates, the classification of the cards (rare, epic etc) or number of cards.

I gather that Kait is presented as a legendary gold card in the preview, but this error was there even prior to the cost being fixed. The Kait card was and remains an epic purple card.

Also there has been no retrospective action in terms of recharging players the correct amount. It seems that TC accept that this was there error and will just take it on the chin. Hypothetically you wonder what TC / MS could do even if they wanted to - could they retroactively take the difference in credits out of a players account? What if the player doesn’t have enough - would they be stuck with arrears owing? Could they reclaim unopened packs? Could they remove skins from a player’s account? It’d be very bad form to do that which I suspect is why they haven’t. If a shop mislabelled a product they could not go after a customer to charge them the full amount could they? If they realised before the customer actually paid then they could refuse to sell it for the incorrect price, but this would be before the transaction is complete which is different compared to these packs.


Good answer. Thank you.

It was just a error bro.

Yes. But I got many packs and many epic letters to my benefit. That’s why I felt a little guilty. Thank you.


Don’t feel guilty :+1:

I’m so salty I missed out on the Snaked Skins - they were by far my favourite :sob:

lol. The exact same thing happened to me. :cry::cry::cry::cry:

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Maybe Gears 5 :+1:

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