Wrap shots - Potential fix coming

Like what have you done to it then ? Or is it a secret like always ?

Why haven’t you shown the type / multiple of fixes you can do to it via videos and then people can vote what people prefer . Instead of guessing a guessing game with your fans .

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If you see the wrapshot coming you’re already dead.

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Curved monitor you have a chance…

Yeah tilt your head to the side and you can see around the corner, @BcuzimDRAGON order the boomerang today.


A boomerang for the boomer.


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the way the gnasher functions out of cover should replicate gears 4. when you shoot you should not be able to shoot through thick covers without first moving although the up a should not be removed. also you need faster movement and the “wrap shots” main issue is the bullets go where the camera is not where the gnasher is. it should still exist but when i hit a cover and hold the trigger my shot should go straight out of the barrel,
it just makes for more fluid gameplay. . for example while in movement hit the cover press the trigger it should hit straight on. i also have an issue with the back a delay that makes me hold the gnasher over a piece of cover but never actually shoot. All in all gears 4 wasnt perfect but it was more consistent.

This image from a thread i made a while back before my temp ban is a great example. yall already fixed most of the issues but some in that thread still remains an issue.

also make note of this comment from this thread

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“I’ve never heard of FaZe, and what’s a Doja Cat?”


@TC_Clown is also at fault

Why not have this feature in a beta playlist before hand?

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Me and Dragon were at a complete loss


Im old…get off my internet

9 tines out of 10 yup. I couldn’t compete with those guys on training grounds. And I was tired.

The shot is just purely annoying and one sided it’s not the fact that’s is physically impossible that makes it suck. I get it’s a pro move and when I played gears 5 I did it all the time, doesn’t mean is doesn’t suck and shouldn’t be apart of the game


Add sommer ray to the list

Spot on :smiley:


It’s annoying ?! Lol and a up a isn’t ?

Yet a wrap shot is harder to pull off , When aim assist is off

@UthyrTheImpure i agree with you with blindfires over cover. Someone comes. You line your stick up. Fire of a pop shot, and it takes 10 years for the shot to come out. Disagree on the speed. Game is still really really fast. Artificial delays are what needs to go.

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Sad to hear it’s still in the game though :pensive:

Up As and Back As use the cover system without breaking it, wrap around shots literally hit the person behind the cover so the cover in a third person cover shoter doesn’t even work.

I just hope wrap shots get nerfed and hopefully removed.


Is this fix coming in Op7?