Wrap shots - Potential fix coming

Hello everyone!

I wanted to give you a heads up on “wrap shots” and what we’re planning to do with them.

In a future update, we’re going to be tweaking the animations around “wrap shots” , this will make hitting shots such as the one in the GIF below more difficult.

We will continue to monitor this and make further changes if necessary.


This is a good change,

Thank you Shauny.


Why not do away with it?

In a “cover based game” the fact that your bullets act like the movie Wanted and completely turn corners is absolutely insane.

Even from a common sense, physics standpoint, like how??? The long covers are most mind boggling, being able to kill someone at the diagonal corner…


Thank god


I have a bad feeling about this


How so?

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Fair feedback! As mentioned we’ll be constantly monitoring it so when we release the fix we can see the feedback we get then and go from there :slight_smile:


“You make me proud Gear” :slight_smile:


That clip is crazy. Thank you for this update on the change.


Fair enough mate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Great news.

Also thanks a lot for taking the time to inform the community of things like these, a major flaw in how Gears 5 was handled and that highly impacted on the games reception was the fact that the previous director of communications never actually bothered to communicate anything to the player base.

Seeing you comment on a regular basis and solve players problem has been a great help for the gears community, keep up the good work.


Very true, like having a sense of touch with devs and it being back and forth productive communication


Keep in mind I have no idea how you go about fixing this issue, but it feels like the go to has been delays or nerfing things which doesn’t really apply here i think.

To keep it short it’s just a fundamental disagreement on how the game is handled right now. I wouldn’t change somethings ( sniper) but I’d fix others.

I’m just not sold on there being a fix for this yet. I hope you do because it’s annoying as he’ll.

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Can you please get rid of lag compensation? Playing against a high ping player isn’t fun


Thank you so much

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Finally - the most gamebreaking mechanic. Why would you allow this at all?


Are you guys gonna do anything about cover not functioning properly in PvE? It feels like certain enemies ignore cover. I was doing an escape hive when 4 regular drones were firing at me, both parties behind cover, neither side higher than the other. I tried to stay put because if I knew if I shift spots I can still get shot, but the drones managed to hit me despite remaining stationary and it failed the hive.

But seriously, I’m glad you guys got this in your sights, super frustrating

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To be a bit more technical the fix is more changing something that was added back in TU6, so we should be all good when it comes to the fix, but we’ll continue to monitor the feedback.

Thank you for the honest feedback!


I have very little faith in this unless the change is either the animation being slowed down, or a delay in when you can shoot — wrap shots are the worst thing in the game, but I don’t know, this just feels like something with the potential to be nerfed poorly.


Feel free to let us know your feedback when the fix goes out, we’ll be watching!