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Wow where did everyone go

(TGLT Clutch) #21

have you ever searched execution on eu? takes at least 5-7 min even on xbox

(TGLT Clutch) #22

one huge factor that contributes to the matchmaking time is the fact that it searches for similar ranked players unlike other gears games. and also the fact that it only starts searching other region/ranks after a VERY long time.

(WAYN3 M) #23

Will have a try tonight

(TGLT Clutch) #24

don’t waste your time fam :smile:

(WAYN3 M) #25

Will let you know how I get on :ok_hand::crazy_face:

(Omen LP) #26

that makes sense, but gotta tell you, last several nights, it’s very rare that we had a game of similar ranks… It’s all over the place, onyx + gold + bronze+etc… Maybe the “average” rank is similar, but the composition of the teams very different…

(Goodacre) #27

been a long time since launch, 2016 was a while ago. Battle royale wasn’t even a industry buzz word at the point.

a Gears 5 beta in the summer might help bring people back to this game.

(JBEEZ44) #28

Thinking about going back to UE myself, and i was wondering if people are still playing it?

(J4CKA1) #29

i’ll be going back to gears 3 once i finish up 4.

(JBEEZ44) #30

I’ve been thinking about that as well


I can only ever a game in about 2 different game modes. Searching can sometimes take 10 minutes

(Duffman GB) #32

I play Gears 3 KOTH daily. When it runs well it is a glorious feeling and I have more fun in it than any other Gears…
However it is plagued with extreme lag and teleporting a good 50% of the time.s

Check out some of my captures/vids on my account.

Actually the last couple of weeks have been the worst for a while :frowning: that and the match migration can be a pain.

I would so love Gears 3 mp to work 100% and run at 60fps.

(Pressure) #33

Yeah man, still a lot of people playing Ultimate Edition TDM on US servers. Gears 3 has a steady amount of players as well. 2 of my favorite games of all time and still going!

(III EnVii III) #34

Gears 4 EU PC is very difficult to find and we normally need a US East host to actually find games which isn’t ideal because you have to trade a 5ms ping for a 60-80ms ping.

All Skins and Characters, GONE!
(JBEEZ44) #35

Awesome, thanks for the intel!!!