Wow where did everyone go


Touche my friend touche…I do hope they learn from this for Gears 5

(mendigo2005) #12

And still they release games with the same old unprecise controls…

(lukebazz91) #13

Gta 5 was terrible online, single player amazing, MP total joke.

(mendigo2005) #14

Nah, despite the odd controls, GTA online is the greatest.

(DLCarr17) #15

East Coast as well but I never struggle to find a game in any mode unless I’m trying Dodgeball/Guardian at 2am or something. However the player base I would guess is probably at its lowest point because the game is over 2 years old.

According to TC however Gears 4 still has more people playing than any other Gears at this point in their life cycle.

Wait until we start to hear Gears 5 news this year and you’ll see a huge jump in the player base as excitement grows in the lead up to launch.

(magicalpig76) #16

I agree. I would be so much more forgiving of this game’s problems if the developers would at least acknowledge them.
I’m speaking mainly of netcode problems. The game has been so bad for me the last 2 nights after a pretty long streak of feeling okay for me. Then at some point last night, I could tell immediately that things had changed. Just trying to jump into battle after the countdown was a challenge. I had to adjust my feel for where the starting gun was. Along with that change, the gameplay changed: getting 1-shot killed from long distances, players not taking damage from my shots. And tonight it has not been any better. Every game has had at least 1 player with a ping approaching 400 (but even players with “only” a 110ms ping were still able to kill me in bizarre and unfair ways.)
My ping to nearest server always shows up as 18ms in Settings>Matchmaking but in game my ping is always around 54ms

(Pressure) #17

I went back to UE in April 2017. I just couldnt get behind seperate tuning and no ranked leaderboards. Not to mention issues that others have had wtih 4 such as high ping players etc. I also ditched Judgment to go back to gears 3 :wink:

(Omen LP) #18

It is true no problem finding games in north america but the team compositions have very wide range of ranks which to me implies not that many players to choose from…(otherwise I’d expect teams made up of more similar ranks… I see teams with a bronze, two silvers, a gold, and an onyx )

I dont think it’s dead, but definitely see a lower player availability… makes sense…

(WAYN3 M) #19

No issues finding games in EU ever in any playlist. Only annoyance is people not sticking in a horde game

(TGLT Clutch) #20

that sounds about right, unless there’s some new fortnite-like hit that pops up.

(TGLT Clutch) #21

have you ever searched execution on eu? takes at least 5-7 min even on xbox

(TGLT Clutch) #22

one huge factor that contributes to the matchmaking time is the fact that it searches for similar ranked players unlike other gears games. and also the fact that it only starts searching other region/ranks after a VERY long time.

(WAYN3 M) #23

Will have a try tonight

(TGLT Clutch) #24

don’t waste your time fam :smile:

(WAYN3 M) #25

Will let you know how I get on :ok_hand::crazy_face:

(Omen LP) #26

that makes sense, but gotta tell you, last several nights, it’s very rare that we had a game of similar ranks… It’s all over the place, onyx + gold + bronze+etc… Maybe the “average” rank is similar, but the composition of the teams very different…

(Goodacre) #27

been a long time since launch, 2016 was a while ago. Battle royale wasn’t even a industry buzz word at the point.

a Gears 5 beta in the summer might help bring people back to this game.

(JBEEZ44) #28

Thinking about going back to UE myself, and i was wondering if people are still playing it?

(J4CKA1) #29

i’ll be going back to gears 3 once i finish up 4.

(JBEEZ44) #30

I’ve been thinking about that as well