Wow this launch is reaching the level of O.O.F I haven't seen sense gears of war 2

What happen to the severs? This game shouldn’t have had this kind of launch. I don’t get why the severs started off so bad? yes they are doing some hot fixes on their end, but after having two betas both with tons of feed back I don’t get why this was even a possibility.

I rapidly get DC from the gears 5 severs, Lobbies Dissolve upwards 3 to 6 times before I get into a versus match, trying to play with friends and family is frustrating as they get Disconnected at times the game glitches and says we are both the leader of the squad.

There’s times the game kicks me out of a match just because why not, All of this after two betas witch makes me ask the following question.

Was it a beta OR a limited time demo?

Please keep it in this thread

Thank you!