Wow this feels almost perfect

Wow this update almost feels perfect. All they need to do is add better weapon skins and skins in general and it’s a better Gears 4, which it should have been from the beginning. Don’t really care about PvE, never played or horde or escape in my life and don’t plan to. As long as they keep keep up the updates for PvP they hopefully can keep ignoring PvE to make versus even better.

Great job TC

You having a laugh?

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Dev playlist looks good the game right now is a mess.

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You mean south americans

They have the 3rd world internet

If I remember correctly, Mexico doesn’t have a single server. The nearest one is the one that covers the Texas area.

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This is likely fact as I’m from that state and sometimes (50%~) get 1-3 ping pve games.

Get to diamond or onyx 2, you’ll face constant stacks & it’s painfully terrible.

At low levels it was smooth sailing.

Jim Carrey is about as awful as PvE lol

Coming from the guy with a SW-pfp. Heh.