Wow lies and keep ingiored scrap double skill cards

waths up from 4th november museum skins 800iron but in the store 1000 iron so we recive lies in the news??? and why we cant scrap double skill cards?

Because TC is still considering the idea of upping the skill level in Gears 5 to Level 6. Until that decision is made, they’re not going to allow skill duplicates beyond max level to be scrapped.

And the Store pricing could be a mistake. Those happen.

Level 6 is going to happen. Didn’t they do that in Gears 4?

They did. But they have not decided on it for Gears 5 yet. So I wouldn’t be making calls.

I’m going to stick with that call.

So I ran into this… can we now safely assume the Level 6 skills are gonna be a thing?

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Looks that way!